Back to the Future


Possibly offered at Universal Studios in conjunction with the
Back to the Future Ride. (1991-Florida, 1993- Hollywood)

Johnny Lightning
Hollywood on Wheels (1998)

Great condition and still in their original packaging.
Makes a wonderful addition to any collection and if stored properly
in a pod storage unit can last a lifetime. 


Ban Dai
Hot Wheels/Charawheels

2001 Regular Edition

Collector's Edition

BTTF III Collector's Edition


Malibu International
Reel Rides




Back to the Future Ride - Japan (2010)


Hot Wheels

2011 New Models

Short Card (2011)

2011 Comic Con Exclusive

Light Speeders (2012)

Red Line Club Exclusive (2012)

Retro Entertainment (2013)

Retro Entertainment (2014)

Retro Entertainment (2015)

Hover Mode (2015)

Entertainment - Mr. Fusion (2015)

Entertainment - Hover Mode (2015)

Entertainment - 1955 (2015)


If you're looking for a blue VW T2 Bus to go with your DeLorean, Matchbox produced one that's pretty close, though not an exact match, in 2010.