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2011 New Models

Retro Entertainment (2013)

Retro Entertainment (2013)

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (2013)



                          ERTL van with
                          custom wheels

Notice the Vette with and without front and rear stripes.

1:64 vehicles next to Pow-R-Pull van for comparison.


ERTL Racing Champions

Some of you may find this hard to believe (I know I did) but the GMC van used on the t.v. show was actually black, red and GREY.  It was a dark grey, but grey nonetheless. 

If you look at stills from the T.V. show or watch reruns on T.V. Land, you will see it.  I know most of us remember the van being all black, so kudos to ERTL RC for doing the correct three-color version.



Photos courtesy of Craig Mueller


Buby of Argentina



Guisval (Spanish)

photo courtesy of Jordi Roig (Spain)

Photos courtesy of Metro Privratsky



additional pics courtesy of Craig Mueller