December'06 News Archive

12/29/06 - Another Batmobile to Look For
While visiting the forums at I discovered there is another Batmobile to be on the lookout for.  This one has a unique yellow and black design that comes with the Batman Blaster playset, similar to a set released a few years ago.  It's going to be an interesting year for Batman fans.

12/29/06 - Spotted on eBay
Browsing around on eBay, I stumbled onto an auction for Bachmann's Hogwarts Express train in HO scale.  What was unusual about this particular item is that it included an exclusive Weasley Flying Car.  I've never seen this set before (with the car.)  Click on the thumbnails above.

12/26/06 - Latest News
I hope everyone had a good Christmas and found his or her stocking overflowing with cool cars.  After spending the weekend with family, I came home to find a few interesting e-mails in my inbox announcing all sorts of new die-cast car news.  First, long time contributor Metro Privratsky sent me pics of cars from Talladega Nights that he found at Wal*Mart.  These cars are made by Winner's Circle and, in addition to the cars pictured above, you can also find the Wonder Bread car and the "ME" car as well. 

In another e-mail, Peter Murphy wrote to tell me about some exciting news regarding Mad Max's V8 Interceptor:

Hi Joe, 
Once again what a great website you've created! I thought you might be interested in this... I sent an email to Diecast Distributers Australia (the guys that make the 1:24 scale Interceptor) asking if they were going to a 1:64 scale Interceptor and their response was:

"Thank you for your comments yes we will be doing a 1:64 scale of the second car with the twin tanks stay tuned to the web site.  Regards John"
So I hope they actually go through with it. It would be very popular I'm sure.
Pete Murphy

Imagine getting the '66 Batmobile AND Mad Max's Interceptor in 1:64 scale in 2007.  It  could be an exciting year for collectors. 

And finally, visiting the HobbyTalk bulletin board, I saw a post in the Hot Wheels forum announcing that new Batman 2-Packs are showing up in stores.  These include the new Batmobile casting from The Batman animated series and included in Hot Wheels' Mystery line (click on thumbnail below.)  Checking eBay, I did find one auction, so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested in these.  They're called Riddler's Rampage and Joker's Last Laugh.  I also discovered that Hot Wheels has released a Batman Begins 5-Pack (pictured at right).

12/21/06 - Holy Prototype, Batman!
I got a couple of e-mails regarding these photos found on eBay.  Apparently, it looks like an early prototype of the Hot Wheels 1966 Batmobile.  I'm a little suspicious, though.  It looks a lot like the old Corgi Jr. version.  I won't get too excited until I see official confirmation.

UPDATE:  Well, the general consensus is this is the real deal.  More photos were added to the eBay auction.  I'm told this is one of about 100 "test runs" and not necessarily a prototype.  So what you have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a sneak peek of what to expect from the Hot Wheels regular release.  I'm sure we can expect more detail on the higher-end releases.  Below is a comparison to artwork found on :

12/16/06 - Today's Finds
While out doing some Christmas shopping, I stumbled on a few things for myself.  First up, we have Hamm.  I walked into a crowded Toys R Us, apparently, right after an employee filled a bin with Cars.  There were several Hamms, but I still couldn't find Dirt Track McQueen. 

At K-Mart, I noticed the pegs were full of the K-Mart exclusive Shelby cars in all colors.  Shockingly, one grey Eleanor was hanging right in front.  It was the first time I had seen this car in stores.  It gives me an opportunity to compare it to the Hot Wheels version which has been in my collection for a few years.

At first glance, the biggest difference between the two is the front of the car.  The edge goes to Shelby Collectibles' version because it more accurately represents the actual car (above right.)  The Hot Wheels version has an opening hood, but Shelby's version has an opening hood AND opening doors.  And finally, although the Hot Wheels version has a warmer grey color to it, the Shelby version has a more accurate gun metal grey color of the actual car.  In conclusion, the Shelby Collectibles version, although not an officially-licensed Gone in 60 Seconds release, is the more accurate car in all categories.  The Shelby GT 500E "Eleanor" version is a must-have for collectors. 

12/16/06 - Death Proof
My buddy Tim e-mailed me this latest image from Death Proof.  For those of you who haven't heard, Death Proof is one of two films that make up the upcoming Tarantino/Rodriguez film GrindhouseDeath Proof features psycho Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) who chases down beautiful women in the car pictured above.  Completing the double bill will be the zombie flick Planet Terror.  There will be an intermission of sorts with fake b-movie trailers.  Should be interesting.  The movie's scheduled release date is April 6, 2007.

Speaking of Tarantino, NECA has produced an 8" resin replica of the Pussy Wagon from the film Kill Bill.  Strangely, it has no moving parts, not even rolling wheels. 

12/10/06 - The inspiration for Cars
Susie the Little Blue Coupe is a 1952 Disney animated short.  I've read that this particular short was the inspiration for the look of the cars in Pixar's Cars.  I didn't think Susie existed in die-cast form, but Jason in California wrote me about an interesting find:

Hi Joe,
  Check this out, I was out today at my local Hobby Shop. I was searching in the loose car display and then....she sat there. With my eyes amazed, Susie-The Little Blue Coupe. I've seen a Japan Kids Meal-Toy but this is no kids meal at all, this is a 1/64 scale. Could you post this as a new update? Price on this die-cast is nothing. I traded a couple of Hot Wheels to get more JL, spotted her, traded for her, and got her. I never knew something like this existed. What do you think ?

Cheers ! - Jason, Simi Valley CA.

12/2/06 - New Finds!
My sister called me from Target at 8am this morning while Christmas shopping to tell me she found a bunch of new Cars releases and asked me which ones I needed.  She picked up Radiator Springs McQueen, yellow Ramone, Fabulous Hudson Hornet and the Buzz & Woody Movie Moments 2-Pack.  She spotted Hamm and Dirt Track McQueen in the hands of another collector, but couldn't find any more of them.  Since I was up, I headed to Toys R Us, where not only did I find some of the cars she found, but I also found blue Mater.  I was also told the Cars line is showing up at Kroger stores.  If you have one near you, check it out.

Later, while attending a sports card show, I bought a couple of Mystery Hot Wheels hoping to get a Batmobile, only to be disappointed.  But I bumped into a guy who did manage to get one and he offered it to me for $4.  I've added it to my Batmobile collection (above, right.)