October'05 News Archive

10/26/05 - JL Full Throttle
RC2 Corporation (NASDAQ: RCRC) announced today, at a press conference from their New York showroom, an exclusive licensing arrangement with legendary auto designer and fabricator Chip Foose.  RC2 will launch JL FULL THROTTLE, an all-new, premium line of customized die-cast vehicles featuring the original custom designs of Chip Foose.  JL FULL THROTTLE will deliver all of the “hardcore horsepower” integral to today’s hottest automotive trends.  With unique scales and a high level of detail, JL FULL THROTTLE will bring to life the excitement and passion of the custom car culture, an industry in which Foose has been setting trends for over 15 years.

Chip Foose and his Foose Design Creative team are starring in the popular TLC series Overhaulin’, where they restore, revamp and remarkably recreate an unsuspecting owner’s vehicle into the car of their dreams in a single week.

10/24/05 - Herbie Fully Loaded in Stock
If  you're struggling to find Johnny Lightning's Herbie Fully Loaded line, visit Movie Car Mania, who recently received a shipment.  They also have Joy Ride's 1:18 scale Bluesmobile in stock.

10/7/05 - New JL TV & Movie Cars?
Thanks to a tip on the Hobby Talk Bulletin Board, I visited and discovered some interesting information:

Video Games/Hollywood on Wheels (November '06 release)
2002 Nissan Skyline
2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
2000 Honda Civic
Halo Warthog
1955 Chrysler 300
1957 Chevy Nomad
1956 Ford Thunderbird
1959 Cadillac El Dorado

TV Land (December '06 release)
Hispano Suiza Cabriolet - Addams Family
School Bus - Partridge Family
Black Beauty - Green Hornet
Curtiss P-40E Warhawk Modified - Sky Captain
1977 Dodge Monaco with speaker - Blues Brothers
Dragula - The Munsters

I'll try to gather info as to which titles correspond to the HOW cars listed above.  The Vanquish is obviously a re-release from Die Another Day.  Some of the others may be from The Fast & The Furious movies.  Halo refers to the popular videogame. 

The TV Land series sounds interesting, although I'm disappointed most of them are re-releases.  If this series is popular, maybe we'll see cars from Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies and other classic TV series.  Why would The Blues Brothers be included in this list?  I'll try to get the scoop.

10/6/05 - If you love movie cars.....
...then you need to bookmark this website.  The Internet Movie CARS Database just might end up becoming one of the most valuable online resources and references for those who love movie cars.  Photos, information and a community forum make this a must-see website.  Check it out HERE.

10/6/05 - Bond, James Bond
Apparently, Joy Ride's 1:18 scale Mustang Mach I as seen in the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever is now available from Movie Car Mania.  Diamonds are Forever ranks as one of my top five favorite James Bond movies (it was the first Bond flick I ever saw) and this car will eventually end up in my personal collection. 

10/5/05 - Talking Cars in October
Ah October, my absolute favorite time of the year.  E-mails continue to pour in from all over the world and this is my opportunity to share a few with you.  I have to admit, e-mails regarding obscure TV and movie cars seemed to dominate over the past month.  Topics include:  Return of the Saint, Hawaii, ALF and Seabiscuit (???) among others.  Click HERE and enjoy.