September'06 News Archive

9/25/06 - Sponsor News
To celebrate the release of The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift on DVD, sponsor Movie Car Mania is having a 3-day sale of product from The Fast & The Furious films.  Click on the link above/right for more information.  Also, be sure to check out Movie Car Mania's new blog:

9/23/06 - Go Speed Racer, Go!
I spotted these at a local Toys R Us and picked them up.  Art Asylum has released "classic" die-cast versions of Speed Racer with the Mach 5 and Racer X with his Shooting Star.  The cars appear to be approximately 1:55 scale.  They're very nicely done. 

9/22/06 - Flyboys Soar!
Ignore the bad reviews!  I saw Flyboys today and enjoyed it tremendously.  The dogfights were spectacular and thrilling, but even when the planes were on the ground, I enjoyed the relationships that developed among the characters.  I've enjoyed James Franco's work since he was on Freaks & Geeks, and I've always envisioned him becoming a big star.  The relationship between his character, Blaine Rawlings, and Lucienne (the beautiful Jennifer Decker) was, in my opinion, very sweet and very real.  Of course, the character development stuff just helps get you to the aerial combat scenes and I have to admit, despite being mostly computer-generated, they were well-choreographed and exciting to watch.  The movie was riddled with cliches, but I felt it gave it vintage feel.  It had a feeling as if it could've been filmed in the 1930's or 40's, something you'd see on the AMC channel.  In short, this is one movie I'm looking forward to getting on DVD, but I encourage you to see it on the big screen first. 

As for die-cast news,  a company called Carousel 1 is releasing 1:48 scale die-cast model planes from Flyboys.  They're a little pricey at almost $45 apiece, but I may be adding some of these to my collection.  Thanks to my buddy Tim for the tip.  Click HERE for pics and info.

Hollywood Die-Cast has received its ONE MILLIONTH visitor in September!  Actually, the number is a little higher than that, but I didn't start keeping track until after the site was launched.  Thanks to all of those who have visited the site, sent me e-mails, posted in the forum, and most importantly, contributed photos and news. 

9/10/06 - Holy Hot Wheels, Batman!
I was flipping through the latest issue of Lee's Toy Review when I spotted some interesting photos from their coverage of the San Diego Comic Con.  Apparently Hot Wheels will be releasing new Superman and Batman-related product in 2007.  One item in particular that caught my eye was a two-pack of Batmobiles from the animated series The Batman (above left.)  Searching online, I found some great pics from the website Superhero Times.  You can also read an interview with a Hot Wheels rep on the website Legions of Gotham about their plans for 2007.

9/4/06 - Sponsor News
Sponsor Movie Car Mania has 1:64 scale die-cast cars from the movie Scarface in stock.  Jada's '63 Caddy and '68 Impala are available for $11.97 apiece.  Click on the link in the right column to order today!