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7/31/10 - Officially Unofficial
Johnny Lightning's Tom Z. tipped me off to a couple more "unofficial" star cars.  Above, left, this 1950 Chevy Panel Delivery Van bears the familiar Cooter's logo.  Ben Jones, who played Cooter on The Dukes of Hazzard, has stores in Nashville, Gatlinburg and Branson, MO.  This would make an interesting addition to your Dukes of Hazzard die-cast collection.  The car above, right, put a huge grin on my face when I figured out what it was.  All Tom Z. said in his e-mail was that it's "from one of your favorite TV shows."  After doing a little Googling, I DISCOVERED that this was one of the many cars abused by the cast of Mythbusters!  This particular car is known for crashing through a fence while being driven by remote control ... with Adam in the back seat! 




7/30/10 - "Bustin' makes me feel good."
A special package arrived in the mail today (amazing, considering I've had three packages stolen since I've moved into my new apartment.)  I'm glad I was home to intercept this one.  The 2010 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Ecto-1 from Mattel has materialized.  Actually, I got it on eBay since I couldn't get anyone to pick one up for me who was going to Comic Con.  The packaging is amazing.  Once you take it out of the white box, the inner box is a replica of the trap from the movie.  Nice touch!  I love everything about this version:  the painted details, the clear windows and ESPECIALLY the white wall tires!


I'm a little upset at Mattel for making this such a hard-to-get exclusive.  The demand was strong since it sold out quickly at Comic Con.  Now it's the eBay sellers and scalpers who are reaping the rewards.  I read one post in the Hot Wheels Collectors Forum from a guy who somehow bought a BUNCH of them.  It's just not fair.  I paid quite a bit for mine, but at least I have one now.

8/1/10 UPDATE:  This version of Ecto-1 replaces Johnny Lighting's version of Ecto-1A on the Top Ten Best list.




7/28/10 - Back to the Future - Japan!
My thanks go out to Jesper Juhl, who alerted me to this eBay auction.  Apparently, the 1:64 scale Delorean Time Machine seen above is available at Universal Studios Japan in conjunction with Back to the Future: The Ride.  With the exception of the wheels, it looks fairly well done.  Hopefully, these will become common on eBay and I'll try to add one to my collection.  In the meantime, check out THIS AUCTION




7/25/10 - 2010 Concours d'Elegance of America
Earlier today I had the privilege of shooting video at the 31st Annual Concours d'Elegance of America at Meadow Brook.  The event is one of the largest in the U.S. and boasts a gathering of the most exotic, rare, valuable and beautiful automobiles you will ever see, including one-of-a-kind marvels.  Take, for example, the car pictured at left.  The 1960 DiDia 150 was built exclusively for singer/actor Bobby Darin who arrived at the 1960 Academy Awards in STYLE!  Little did I know, however, that I would come face to face with a Hollywood car with an impressive list of credentials.  Pictured below is a 1953 Nash Healey Convertible once owned by Dick Powell, the crooner who starred in several Busby Berkeley musicals (pictured below, left, with frequent co-star Ruby Keeler.) The same car was driven by William Holden in the 1954 movie Sabrina.  It also appeared in the 1955 movie The Fast and The Furious.  And, if you look closely at the image below, right, you'll see Superman himself, George Reeves behind the wheel of the car.  It appeared in several episodes of The Adventures of Superman.





7/19/10 - Next K-Mart Cars Event?
Several keen-eyed observers at the Cars the Toys Forum noticed some interesting auctions springing up on eBay.  Faux Wheel Drive, Gask-Its and Tach-O-Mint are being offered with rubber tires.  So what does this mean?  Well, those three cars (along with the Apple car) are the remaining race cars yet to be released at retail stores.  Showing up with rubber tires on eBay is fairly good evidence these cars will be included in the next K-Mart Cars Collectors Event.  If it's true, this is GREAT news, considering the last two K-Mart events offered nothing new.  The next event will probably take place in October and if these cars are included, that will leave only the Apple car from the Speedway of the South set not to be released at retail stores. 




7/18/10 - Garage Sale Find!
While hitting various garage sales over the weekend I found the above gem.  Jill Munroe's '76 Ford Mustang Cobra II from Charlie's Angels is a tough find.  If and when it does show up on eBay it usually sells for $25 or more.  I snagged it for a mere $5.  I used to have one when this wave of Hollywood on Wheels first hit stores in 2003 but I gave it to a friend.  After Farrah Fawcett's passing I tried to get one for my collection but the prices had skyrocketed.  Sometimes patience pays off. 



On the TV series each Angel drove a Ford.  Of course, Farrah Fawcett's character Jill Munroe drove the Mustang Cobra, but did you know Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) drove a '76 Ford Mustang II Ghia?  And poor Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson) got stuck with an orange '77 Ford Pinto.  I would love to see a die-cast car company release all three of these as a boxed set.



7/17/10 - Batmobile Shipping!
Several auctions have sprung up on eBay indicating the Hot Wheels The Brave & The Bold Batmobile is now hitting stores around the country.  Nowhere does it mention The Brave & The Bold on the packaging.  Instead, just scan the pegs for a yellow-striped card sporting the #49 in the top right corner.  On eBay the car is being listed as 2010 HW Premiere Batmobile.  I hope these are easier to find in stores than the now-legendary Ghostbusters Ecto-1. 




7/14/10 - Comic Con Exclusives!
Wow, I just found out today that some amazing exclusives will be available at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con July 22-25.  First up, we have a highly detailed 1:64 scale version of Ecto-1 from Mattel's Hot Wheels line (above.)  Check out those beautiful white walls!  Incredible!   Next, we have Tokyo Mater with flames (below, left.)  And finally, I don't know where this one came from, but I LOVE it, we have Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet!  Check it out, it's just a clear piece of plastic, but it's brilliant!  I'm not able to attend Comic Con, so I'm hoping any of my friends out there who will be attending will be able to pick these up for me.  I'm dying to add these to my collection.  Send me an e-mail and I'll be able to PayPal you the funds if you have an account.




7/14/10 - Just Add Water!
This was posted in the Hot Wheels Collector Forum.  Mattel has released The Dark Knight Batmobile as part of its Hot Wheels Color Shifters line. Apparently, when you add water, the car changes from Camo to Black.  I'll be on the lookout for this one during my toy runs.  And don't forget, the die-cast Batmobile from The Brave & The Bold will be hitting stores in the next couple of weeks. 



7/7/10 - Diamonds are Forever
My friend Chris D'Alessandro has done it again.  He took a Hot Wheels Bugatti Veyron and created something you might want to keep in a safe deposit box.  Check out his eBay page.  The video really shows the car sparkle.  Chris does amazing custom work and has created a couple of great cars for me.



7/7/10 - Down Under
I haven't posted much in the past week for two reasons:  One, I've recently moved, and two, I haven't found much new stuff at the stores.  The only thing I've found over the past week was the '73 Ford Falcon XB from Hot Wheels.   The cardback reads:  With fat muscular lines, Ford v8 engine and front spoiler and hood scoops, this Australian muscle car was made for down under duels.  Of course, this car is famous for being the base car of Mad Max's Pursuit Special.  Check out this thread in the forum that shows with a few modifications, and some hand-crafted metal parts, you too can create Max's ride.