Top 10  Greatest
Movie Car Chases

1.  Gone in 60 Seconds (Original)

Although most of the movie has the feel of a low budget, poorly acted porn film, 93 cars are destroyed during the 40 minute car chase featuring the yellow Mach I Mustang Eleanor.  In my opinion, Gone in 60 Seconds features the greatest car chase put to film.

2.  Smokey & the Bandit

It's difficult to pick one scene in the film, considering it's pretty much one long chase.  The whole movie still holds up today and is thoroughly enjoyable.  Who could ever forget Jackie Gleason's hilarious performance?

3. The Blues Brothers

A thoroughly enjoyable movie from start to finish, featuring one of the most thrilling police chases on film!  Lots of mayhem and destruction!  The highlight is when the chase goes through the shopping mall.

4.  Bullitt

Bullitt isn't so much a car chase movie, as it is a gritty cop drama highlighted by a spectacular car chase.  The cinematography on the chase is exceptional and that Mustang is sooo cool.

5.  Death Proof

The newest entry to this list debuts at #5.  Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof features, in my opinion, one of the greatest car chases ever put to film.  The reason?  The second half of the film features a twist unlike anything I've ever seen before.  The chase was exciting, well-shot, and satisfying, and Kurt Russell and Zoe Bell were spectacular in their respective roles.

6.  Mad Max 2:   The Road Warrior

With thrilling stunts and chases, this movie is action-packed!  It's shocking that no one has picked up the license to do die-cast vehicles.

7.  Cannonball Run

So many great scenes, so many great moments, an incredible ensemble cast and great cars.  The movie is hilarious and Farrah Fawcett has never been sexier.

8. Goldfinger

Just about EVERY James Bond film features a spectacular car chase:  Diamonds are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, and even Die Another Day,  but I feel the ultimate Bond car chase is from Goldfinger.  To see the Aston Martin DB5 in action with all its gadgets is a genuine thrill.

9.  The French Connection

Another gritty crime drama that features an exciting car chase, though, unlike the other movies listed, there is only one car involved ... and an elevated train.  The scene seems even more tense when you realize the chase scene was shot without a permit and that many of the bystanders are REAL bystanders.

10.  The Spy Who Loved Me

After watching this movie again recently, I had to make a change to this list and add the Lotus Esprit chase scene to the top ten greatest of all time.  With Roger Moore behind the wheel, Bond eludes a motorcycle, a Ford Taurus, and in one of the greatest movie moments of all time, eludes a helicopter by plunging into the water.  But the chase doesn't end there, it continues underwater.  The scene finally comes to an end as the car drives up onto the beach as gawkers stare in amazement, and so do we as moviegoers. 

Runners Up include:  The Fast & The Furious, Duel, Lethal Weapon 2, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The Car, White Lightning, Hooper, xXx, Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), Vanishing Point, The Italian Job (1969 & 2003), Ronin, The Seven-Ups, To Live & Die in LA, and It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.


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