2/27/03 - New Products Shipping in May from Diamond
I just picked up the latest copy of Previews, the monthly catalogue from Diamond Distributors.  There are some interesting T.V. and movie die-cast scheduled to ship to stores in May:

Entertainment Die-Casts Assortment Series 15
Even though it doesn't mention the manufacturer, I'm assuming this assortment is from ERTL Racing Champions.  The assortment will include 1:64 cars from Tomb Raider, The Car (pictured above), xXx, Smokey & the Bandit, Gone in 60 Seconds, and James Dean.  Most of these appear to be re-releases, but the possibility exists that these may be new cars from the titles listed.

The Fast & The Furious Die-Casts
These are from a previous assortment and are being resolicited.

Johnny Lightning Dioramas Series 9 Assortment
Series 9 is scheduled to include:  Ghostbusters featuring the Ecto-1 with a NYPD squad car, and Scooby Doo featuring the Mystery Machine and a Vampire Van Hearse.  Notice that it says "Ecto-1" and not "Ecto-1A".  The vehicle featured in the first film was Ecto-1.  Johnny Lightning has already released "Ecto-1A" from the sequel.  I will try to find out which vehicle will be included in the Ghostbusters diorama.

Marilyn Monroe Die-Cast Car Series
For some strange reason, Diamond is offering the same three cars they offered MONTHS ago.  Originally, there were supposed to be SIX cars in this series, but they've only released THREE so far, and the same three cars are shipping again this May.  It doesn't make any sense.  I believe this is the THIRD time they've offered the same three cars.  Click HERE to see them.

2/26/03 - An Invisible Aston Martin Vanquish?
If you've seen the latest James Bond Film Die Another Day, then you know that his Aston Martin Vanquish has a cloaking device, rendering it invisible.  I thought, wouldn't it be cool if Johnny Lightning did a clear plastic version of the car?  Well, it looks like I may get my wish.

This image was posted at by the moderator rwwcarguy.  He said the "concept" is courtesy of Johnny Lightning's Jeff Koch.  Will we see this in stores?  Only time will tell.

Here's a quote from Jeff Koch:
"Note use of word "concept". Just something we got the factory to play with for us. No plans for production. Just a tease to get you all gerked up."


Oh well, maybe if enough people express interest, Johnny Lightning will consider doing these down the road.  I wonder how difficult it would be to customize these..... hmmmmm.


2/22/03 - 51st Annual Detroit Autorama
Spent some time at the Autorama in Detroit on Friday & Saturday.  Not only did I get to see some of my favorite t.v. and movie cars, I also had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Hollywood Legend George Barris.  Among the cars on display were the Batmobile, the Monkeemobile, James Bond's Aston Martin and K.I.T.T.   But nothing topped meeting Mr. Barris.  He was very kind and generous, especially to the children admiring his work.  Click HERE to read my exclusive interview with the King of Kustomizers.

2/19/03 - New Finds!!!
Well, I can finally take her off of my wish list!  I found the ERTL/RC 1973 Mustang Mach I from the original Gone in 60 Seconds.  As you may know, "Eleanor" is featured in one of the greatest movie car chases of all time.  I've also found the xXx GTO (Version 2), the Bullitt Chevelle and the Dazed & Confused Chevelle.  I haven't spotted the Camaro from Fast Times at Ridgemont High yet.

2/18/03 - Matchbox The Osbournes Collection
Matchbox has released 4 vehicles based on The Osbournes reality-t.v. show.  According to Matchbox, these vehicles are based on vehicles family members actually drive.  The Osbournes Collection is part of the Matchbox® Collectibles Miniature Scale Entertainment Assortment. Each vehicle in the collection comes with a unique collector card shaped like a television set. The Osbournes Collection features the following die-cast vehicles:

  • Jeep® Willys - Jack Osbourne
  • Mercedes-Benz S500 - Sharon Osbourne
  • Limousine - Ozzy Osbourne
  • Mercedes-Benz ML 430 - Kelly Osbourne

2/17/03 - JL 1:64 The Simpsons cars unveiled!!! has a bunch of photos from Toy Fair 2003, including pics of 4 vehicles from Johnny Lightning's The Simpsons line.  Packaging pics were also on display for other lines, including Herbie the Love Bug, though I didn't see any pics of the car.

2/16/03 - ERTL/RC Entertainment Series Update
It looks like ERTL's Racing Champions website has finally been updated. 
Here is what's listed in the entertainment category:

2003 Releases
Release Status
Bullitt 1969 Chevelle February
xXx GTO February
Dazed & Confused 1970 Chevelle February
Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1970 Camaro February
Gone in 60 Seconds 1973 Mustang February


Can it be?  Are we finally going to get Eleanor????


2/12/03 - Cool Customs!
If you can't find 'em, make 'em.  Check out these incredible home-made customs. 
First, up for auction on eBay is this AMAZING 1:64 custom version of Snowman's semi-truck from the original Smokey & the Bandit.  It's a bit pricey, but very well done. 
Next, visit Hobbytalk to see how one customizer took ERTL's 1:64 '58 Plymouth and created an awesome Christine slot-car!!!  These have to be seen to be believed.

2/7/03 - Crocodile Hunter found at K-Mart
It's always fun to stumble onto a t.v. or movie car that I didn't know about.  Today, at K-Mart, I was pleasantly surprised to find four vehicles from The Crocodile Hunter.  #1 is is a utility vehicle with a neat little raft.  #2 is a SUV vehicle with two little kayaks.  #3 is a jeep and #4 is a helicopter.  The paint jobs are great.  The vehicles look like they've been doing some off-roading.  My compliments to Matchbox.  Click on the thumbnail above to see the set, or click HERE to see each individual vehicle.

2/6/2003 - JL's 40th Anniversary Bond Series 2 on eBay
Browsing eBay, I discovered the Aston Martin Vanquish is showing up for auction on single blister cards.  That means SOMEONE is finding Series 2 in stores.  In my area, Series 1 cars were very difficult to find, and I'm predicting the Vanquish is going to be one of the toughest to locate.  I had to get mine as part of the Heroic Horsepower 4-pack.

Series 2 includes:

From top left to right:

Ford Telephone Van in Tide Grey
’66 Cadillac Hearse in Starlight Black
Bombardier Ski Doo Snowmobile in Ski Doo Yellow
’60 Ford Station Wagon in Jorgensen Blue
Lotus Esprit Turbo in Apricot
BMW Z8 in Z-8 Silver
’65 Ford Mustang in Jorgensen Blue
Aston Martin Vanquish in Gray
MGB in Butternut Yellow
Toyota 2000 GT in Snow White
’85 Corvette Coupe in Moonglow Silver
’69 Mercury Cougar in Calypso Coral

 Good luck in your hunt.

2/6/2003 - Revell has Re-Released American Graffiti cars.
I picked up issue #124 of Lee's Toy Review and they announced that Revell has re-released 3 American Graffiti cars, but this time each car includes a 1:25 figurine.  Check out the pic above.  The '32 Ford Streetrod includes Wolfman Jack, the '55 Chevy Street Machine includes Debbie (Candy Clark), and the '58 Chevy Impala includes a Toad figure (Charles Martin Smith).  The article says the cars should be in stores now.

2/1/2003 - Hollywood Die-Cast has been unveiled!!! 
I grew up watching television shows like Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team and Knight Rider and seeing movies like Smokey & the Bandit, the Blues Brothers and Back to the Future.  I've always been fascinated by the awesome cars featured in these television programs and movies.  Just a few years ago, I began collecting 1:64 scale die-cast cars based on the vehicles from my favorite t.v. shows and movies.  I started out with a display of 24 cars.  When that was filled, I expanded it to 36 cars.  And when THAT was filled, I purchased a beautiful new mirrored plexiglass display case that holds 70 cars.  A buddy of mine, Dennis, saw my collection and began a collection of his own.  Today he owns almost 500 die-cast based on t.v. and movie vehicles.  Our collection wouldn't be possible without eBay and die-cast makers like Johnny Lightning and ERTL.  eBay has also been a tremendous research tool, exposing me to cars I didn't know existed.  The majority of what is featured on this website comes from Dennis' and my collection.  Some are pictures I've found online.  Please keep in mind that this site is purely informational.  I am NOT selling anything and will remove any photo that its creator feels should not be posted here.

If you have photos or information you would like to share and have posted on this website, please send me an e-mail.  If you would like credit, please send the appropriate information along.  Thank you and enjoy the site and PLEASE, send feedback.