Star Wars

4/30/03 - Star Wars Die-Cast from Code 3!!!
Code 3 Collectibles, known for their elaborately detailed die-cast fire vehicles from Emergency! and the film Backdraft, will begin producing die-cast based on vehicles from all 6 Star Wars films!  Their efforts begin with the Millennium Falcon.  The Falcon will be over a foot long, BUT will cost $295.  Yikes!  Click on the following link for more info:

4/25/03 - Coming Soon from Diamond...
Here are a few interesting TV & movie-related items found in the Previews Catalogue from Diamond:

- Animal House Deathmobile Die-Cast:  1:18 scale version of Delta House's Deathmobile (shown above), complete with the head of Emil Faber (of Faber College) on the hood! (Shipping in October.)

- Batman Batmobile Die-Cast:  From Hot Wheels, a 1:64 scale version of the car featured in Tim Burton's Batman film.  (Shipping in August.)

- The Fast & The Furious Vehicle & Figure Sets Series A:  1:24 scale die-cast tuner cars  with a fully detailed static figure of a character from the film. (Shipping in August.)

- The Italian Job 3-Car Box Set:  From Johnny Lighting comes this special Hollywood on Wheels gift set featuring a trio of Mini-Coopers from the 2003 remake of  The Italian Job, starring Mark Wahlberg.  Each 1:64 scale car will feature a "dirty" paint scheme. (Shipping in July.)

4/20/03 - ERTL News
The ERTL Racing Champions website has been updated, and again, it's disappointing news:

Smokey & the Bandit Trans Am April
xXx GTO (Series 2) April
Gone in 60 Seconds 1969 Pontiac April
James Dean 1949 Mercury April

All re-releases in April. 

For those of you who collect 1:18 scale cars, there is some exciting news. is taking preorders on quite a few entertainment properties from ERTL's American Muscle line, including the following:

- Speed Racer:  Racer X Shooting Star
- The Car
- Cars from the film 2 Fast 2 Furious
- Ghostbusters Ecto-1
- The Munsters Drag-U-La
- Austin Powers Shaguar
- Felicity Shagwell's Corvette Convertible
- '50 Custom Mercury from the film Cobra

4/19/03 - Yet ANOTHER Unproduced MB Prototype!!!
Here is a pic of the unproduced vehicle from the TV show Emergency!  It was slated to be included in the 4th series of the Matchbox Star Cars line.  The pic is courtesy of Sammy R. Fox.  Notice, however, that the tampo reads Squad 10 instead of Squad 51, but Sammy reassures me that it was because it is a pre-production model.

Once again, it seems what could've been some of the nicest additions to the Star Cars line never saw the light of day.  Luckily, this particular vehicle has been offered by Road Stars, Hot Wheels and Code 3.  Thanks again for the pic Sammy!

4/18/03 - Hot Wheels:  The Movie!
Reported in the latest edition of Toyfare Magazine and confirmed by, Columbia Pictures has optioned the rights to develop a live-action feature film based on Mattel's Hot Wheels line of die-cast cars.  The film will be directed by McG (Charlie's Angels) and is about a charismatic hero who gets in and out of dangerous situations with his car.

4/16/03 - Hollywood on Wheels Pics!
Click on the following link to see pics of some of the Hollywood on Wheels cars scheduled to ship in a few months, including Herbie the Love Bug!  According to Jeff Koch of Johnny Lightning, these pictures are of prototypes and do not represent the final product.

4/13/03 - Fast Times Camaro Added!
ERTL/RC's 1:64 scale Camaro from the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High has been showing up on eBay, which means you should find these in a store near you.  Pics have been added to the gallery.  Carded Tomb Raider pics can be seen here.

4/10/03 - Yet Another Unproduced Star Car
Thanks to Tom Larson for submitting this pic of Black Beauty from The Green Hornet.  According to Tom, Black Beauty was proposed to be included as part of Matchbox's Star Cars line, but it never made it past the resin prototype stage.  Thanks Tom.

4/3/03 - The Thunderbirds Movie
Lady Penelope's car was revealed at Ain't It Cool NewsThe Thunderbirds live-action movie will be in theaters in 2004.  The movie is currently in production and is directed by Star Trek's Jonathan "Riker" Frakes.  The cast includes Brady Corbet, Anthony Edwards, Bill Paxton and Sophia Myles as Lady Penelope.  No word yet on whether or not anyone has the die-cast license.