December'05 News Archive

12/24/05 - Cool Custom!
Graham Little sent me some pics of his cool custom Interceptor from Mad Max.  He writes:

Thought I would share with you my Biante 1/64 Mad Max Interceptor. It started out as a Bathurst Falcon XB GT Coupe. The blower and pipes are from a Hot Wheels. The Monza nose, spoiler and intakes are sheet styrene.  Biante’s come with a Jada style axle set up, so I changed it to a Johnny Lightning style set up, they seem to roll better.

Thanks for sharing Graham.

12/24/05 - Hello Halo!
Kevin Blackard has sent me the first pics I've seen of vehicles from Johnny Lightning's Halo license.  Very cool.  I'm looking forward to seeing other pics from JL's next wave of Hollywood on Wheels.

12/23/05 - Talking Cars!
First, let me apologize for the lack of frequent updates.  Sadly, we've entered a bit of a TV & Movie Car drought, the worst I've experienced since starting my collection a few years ago.  I'm just not hearing any news or seeing anything new in the toy stores by the likes of Johnny Lightning or RC2.  As new info comes in, you can be sure I'll post it right here as quickly as I can.  In the meantime, you can help keep my site fresh and current by submitting pics of your custom-made cars, or pics of your collections.

On average, my website receives about 1800 visitors per day.  One day, for reasons I didn't know at the time, the number of visitors SPIKED to over 6000 in one day!!!!  I didn't know what happened and thought it was some sort of mistake.  After a day or so, the numbers settled back down to normal.  Later, I found out that a popular website called mentioned my Top 10 Car Chase Movies list.  That mention sent 6000 new visitors to my site!  Wow.  Following that mention, I received several e-mails regarding car chase movies.  Ronin and To Live & Die in LA headed the list of movies readers DEMANDED be added to my list.

These e-mails, and others I've received over the past couple of months are featured in this month's long-overdue edition of Talking Cars.  Head on over and check it out by clicking HERE.

Until the next update, I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday and thanks to all the contributors for making 2005 and fun and memorable year.

12/15/05 - Cool Customs!
I regret not posting this earlier, but I haven't had access to my e-mails the past few days.  Check out this collection of custom die-cast cars currently up for auction on eBay.  Bill writes:

Just wanted to send you a note about a custom die-cast set I made.  Every year I put together a model and auction it off in the weeks before Christmas to raise money for local charities.  This year, I did a set of six TV & movie die-cast cars:
the '66 Batmobile, the GMC Yukon Denali from CSI, the flying Anglia from Harry Potter, Al's Dodge from Married...With Children, the Lexus from Minority Report, and the Truckster from Vacation.  I've attached a photo, if you'd like to see more I have a bunch on the auction listing at:


There are still a couple of days left in this auction as I post this.  This would make an incredible Hollywood on Wheels series.  Thanks for sharing the info Bill.