November 2009
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11/27/09 - Bullitt Gets the Green Light!
My thanks go out to Bruce who tipped me off to this new offering from the folks over at GreenLight.  In January, look for this awesome diorama featuring 1:64 scale cars from the classic movie Bullitt at a price of $9.99.  There is another diorama called Hot Pursuit, but since the cars are 2008 models, they can't possibly be from the 1987 movie starring John Cusack.


UPDATE:  I'm told by a reliable source this is the first of many Hollywood die-cast cars to be released by GreenLight in 2010.  Licenses are being pursued and will be announced later.




11/26/09 - Happy Thanksgiving!
As I was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade I spotted the Mach 5 driving along the parade route.  It reminded me to hop on the computer to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you have a great day with your loved ones!




11/16/09 - Papa's in the House!
I get a kick out of those commercials where "Papa John" Schnatter delivers pizzas in his awesome '71 Camaro.  Now YOU can own his Camaro, well, sort of.  Go to to order a 1:64 scale die-cast replica of Papa John's Camaro.  A dollar of the proceeds from every car purchased will be donated to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.  Plus, each package contains a coupon good for 1 FREE Medium Cheese Pizza redeemable for carryout at your local Papa John's Restaurant.  So you get a cool car for $4.99 (plus shipping), a cheese pizza AND you get to help a great organization!



11/14/09 - More Cars News!
I stumbled onto this find at a Target store today, and I got a report that this was found at Best Buy, as well.  A yellow Ransburg McQueen and a red Ransburg Firetruck Mater can be found with the latest release of Cars on Blu-Ray DVD. 




11/13/09 - Lucky Friday the 13th!
I had a lucky Friday the 13th when I popped into a Target store today looking for their exclusive Mater Saves Christmas gift set.  I found it in the Christmas section of the store, NOT the die-cast area in the toy department.  This gift set includes an exclusive Reindeer Mater (above, right) not offered as a single release.  As a side note, the single releases at Target are different than the ones I found at Toys R Us.  Target's holiday Cars are found in Story Tellers packaging as opposed to Toys R Us' snow globe packaging seen below.

Also, while looking in the die-cast aisle at Target, some colorful Speedway 4-Packs caught my eye.  There were several different combinations of race cars.  The one I grabbed includes the near-impossible-to-find Fiber Fuel!  I was VERY surprised to see these at Target.  Check out the pics below:





11/11/09 - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
I stopped into a Toys R Us near work to see if anything new was on the pegs.  To my surprise, I found 5 Cars characters decked out in holiday themed decos and snow globe packaging.  Nice.  I found Holiday Hotshot McQueen, Christmas Cruiser Ramone, Decked Out Doc Hudson, Holiday Spirit Sheriff, and (my favorite) Snow Day Sally.  I found it odd there was no holiday version of Mater and thought maybe someone had snagged it before I got there.  Upon getting home tonight, I got online only to discover that Mater is included in a Target-exclusive Mater Saves Christmas boxed set, along with ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS I JUST BOUGHT AT TOYS R US!   What does that mean?  To get Mater, I have to buy ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS AGAIN!   To that I say, "BAH HUMBUG!"   Once I find the boxed set, I'll probably return all the singles I just bought. 



11/10/09 - A Noble Gesture
Normally, when I receive junk mail it automatically goes into the recycling bin.  Today, however, I received a holiday catalog from something called The Noble Collection and decided to flip through it.  There were a lot of high-priced collectibles from movies like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.  At the end of the catalog were some very cool collectibles from The Dark Knight, including an 11" die-cast Bat-Pod (pictured at left.)  I can't tell from the picture if it has rolling wheels or if it's permanently mounted to the base, but it looks awesome nevertheless.  The retail price is $95.



11/10/09 - Chasing Cars
Stopping into a Target store, I stumbled onto The King with Piston Cup in Chase packaging.  This is the third character to be offered with a Piston Cup. The amount of new Cars product hitting stores lately has been almost overwhelming.  Also, if you somehow missed out on the WalMart exclusive Wally Hauler, they're hitting stores again.  I saw a BUNCH of them today.



11/10/09 - Great Scott!
Following up on the success of Diamond's exclusive Back to the Future Delorean (the exclusive Entertainment Earth BTTF2 Version sold out quickly!) Diamond is offering this version from the third movie in the trilogy, set in the old west.  This 1:15 scale time machine features details seen in the pic at left as well as lights and sound effects.  The suggested retail price is $49.99 and will arrive in comic book stores in January. 



11/2/09 - Chasing Cars
I completed a trade with a neighbor to the north, Gregg Lacarte of Canada, for a couple of pieces I haven't seen in stores in my area yet.  Pictured above are Gil and Chase Chick Hicks (with Piston Cup) which arrived in the mail today (in international packaging.)  In exchange, I mailed out Jerry Recycled Batteries, Todd the Pizza Planet Truck and Elvis RV.  Thanks for helping me get these pieces in my hands Gregg. 




11/2/09 - Custom Monkeemobile Decal
I got an e-mail from Kevin Clark with the above photos attached.  Here's what he had to say:

"Thank you for all your info... there is no way I would have the collection I do without your website....
Here is the Monkeemobile, before and after,  from Ertl & with fixed correct logo..... I had custom water slide decals done for it.... Gold foil and all. What do you think???"

Well, Kevin, I think it's a HUGE improvement over the ERTL version.  I was never a huge fan of that weird backwards yellow Monkees logo, which is modeled after the #1 car.  After seeing the pic above, Mel (the current owner of car #2) might request a copy for himself, to match the car he owns.  Very nice work Kevin.