November'05 News Archive

11/27/05 - New from Sun Star
This was brought to my attention by Phil Santo of Toronto, Canada.  Coming in 2006 is Sun Star's 1:18 scale die-cast Delorean (railroad version) as seen in Back to the Future III.  Very cool.  Thanks for the heads-up Phil.

11/27/05 - He's a Rebel
I thought this was cool enough to share with you.  Revell has released a 1:32 scale slot-car modeled after James Dean's Porsche Spyder.  There aren't a lot of officially licensed die-cast versions of this car.  It would make an excellent addition to anyone's James Dean collection.  You can get more information at Movie Car Mania.

11/9/05 - Batman Begins....Again
Apparently, Hot Wheels is re-releasing the Batman Begins Tumblers in "oil can" packaging, but take a close look at the front end of the cars.  It looks like they retooled the casting to make it more movie-accurate.  I don't know why they just didn't do this in the original release.  It looks so much better.  Click HERE for more information.