October '07 News Archive

10/27/07 - Sponsor Announcement
Sponsor Pro-Models has a new arrival to announce.  Pictured above is a 1:18 scale die-cast '06 Camaro Concept car.  Look familiar?  It sure looks a lot like Bumblebee from the Tranformers movie.  Visit Pro-Models today while supplies last!

10/24/07 - Scariness in 1:18 Scale
Here is the first 1:18 scale submission of spooky cars.  Fabiano Spinelli of the website sent me this awesome photo of The Car and Christine

10/22/07 - Elvira's Macabre Mobile
All this talk about spooky cars got me searching through my collection for Elvira's Macabre Mobile.  I couldn't find it, so I picked up one on eBay for a steal.  Check out the spider web grill.  No spooky car list would be complete without it.  I added new pics to the Elvira gallery.

10/17/07 - Today's Finds
Popping into a local Toys R Us, I spotted Johnny Lightning's latest release of cars from Speed Racer, or at least, I spotted five of the six.  I didn't see the Mach 5.  This is the first time I've seen these cars at retail.  The above photos have been added to the Speed Racer gallery.

10/16/07 - The Race is On!
Carlos Salinas sent me the above pic showing the Target-exclusive Dinoco 400 set.  Holy moly!  This set includes seven Piston Cup Racers, three of which are brand new to die-cast form.  This is a must-have.  Thanks Carlos!

10/15/07 - More Spooky Pics!
Metro Privratsky sent me the above pic.  He stumbled across this little bat just hanging around and posed his Batmobile next to it, of course.  Below, Tim Hoye shows off his Munsters Koach in an awesome acrylic display case.  Thanks for the pics guys.  Keep them coming. 

10/13/07 - Spooky!
October, more specifically, Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year.  I'm finding myself listening to Halloween songs in my car and watching spooky movies, the spookier, the better.  I decided to pull out the camera and have some fun with some of the "spooky" cars in my collection.  If you have some spooky cars in your collection, take some creative photos and send them in.  I'll post them right here up through Halloween.  What a better day to start than the 13th???

10/9/07 - A Few Halloween Treats
There's not a whole lot of news to report lately, however, stopping into a local Target I discovered all three Halloween Edition Cars:  Cruisin' McQueen, Ramone and Doc Hudson were in the Halloween section of the store.  In the same area, I also found this spooky 5-pack of Hot Wheels (below.)  I know they're not TV or movie related, but I thought they were cool nevertheless.  Check out the Plymouth Fury: