September '07 News Archive

9/28/07 - Recent Finds
During a quick pop-in at a local Wal*Mart, I stumbled onto a Cars display in a main aisle that included some new releases.  I believe these are Wal*Mart exclusives.  I found Cactus McQueen, "Al Oft" the Lightyear Blimp and Ghostlight Ramone.  Even though this is the sixth variation on Ramone, I have to admit, it's a beautiful car when seen up close. Unfortunately, Cactus McQueen looks like he's been slimed.  The back of the card pictures five more vehicles:  Barney Stormin (bi-plane), Bruiser Bukowski (forklift), T.J. (Hummer), Kari Turbowitz and Piston Cup Pace Car.  The above pics have been added to the Cars gallery.  I've yet to find a Yeti.

9/20/07 - Another RAOK
UPDATED 9/21/07 - A big "thank you" goes out to Josh and Spencer, who, through their random acts of kindness, sent me a Tongue McQueen and a Bug Mouth McQueen, respectively, as gifts (above.)  These cars have been near impossible to find in stores here locally.  Thanks guys!  Seeing them up close, Tongue McQueen ranks among my favorites in the Cars line so far.  As for Bug Mouth McQueen, well,  Mattel could've made more of an effort to make this one unique, although it's a must-have for those collecting one of every release.

9/18/07 - Death Proof on DVD!
I came home from work to find the Death Proof DVD in my mailbox as a birthday gift from my sister.  Wow, am I excited to finally be able to watch this movie on DVD.  As you may know, I raved about this movie when it came out in theaters as the second half of the Grindhouse double feature earlier this year.  To those of you who missed out on the theater experience, well, I feel sorry for you because it was the most fun I've had in the theater in years.  For whatever reason, the double feature has been split in two DVDs, with Death Proof arriving in stores today and Planet Terror in November.  Although fans of Grindhouse are complaining, personally, I don't have a problem with it since I feel that Death Proof is the better of the two movies anyways.  Not only is the 2-disk set chock full of special features, it also came with a coupon offering a $5 discount upon the purchase of Planet Terror.  For those of you who haven't seen Death Proof, run out and buy it (or rent it) today and see why I feel it ranks among the greatest car chase flicks of all time!



9/17/07 - Even More New Cars!
It's getting almost impossible to keep up.  Even MORE new Cars are hitting stores.  Pictured at left are Ghostlight Ramone, Cactus McQueen, TJ and the Lightyear Blimp.  Just what we needed:  ANOTHER variation of Lightning McQueen.  A SIXTH, count 'em, SIXTH version of Ramone.  As much as I love this line, I can see collectors getting frustrated and burnt out easily.  I still haven't found Yeti.  I've seen others complain in various forums that the Tex Dinoco wave hasn't turned up in some areas.  What used to be a fun pursuit is quickly becoming frustrating. 

9/12/07 - Trick or Treat
Metro Privratsky wrote to tell me it looks like Mattel has something up their sleeve for Halloween.  Cruisin' McQueen, Ramone and Doc Hudson will be released in a special pumpkin package, similar to the Easter eggs that were released in the Spring.  I'm assuming they will be a Target exclusive.  If they can be found, it'll be fun to hand these out to your special Trick-or-Treater. 

In other Cars news, be on the lookout for two new Movie Moments 2-packs:  Mia & Tia and Mr. & Mrs. The King.

9/8/07 - K-Mart Days
The next K-Mart Day has been officially announced:

What: Kmart Collector Day
When: Saturday, September 22, 2007
at 9:00 AM local times
Where: All continental US Kmart, Big Kmart and Super Kmart
stores, and Kmart Off Shore stores
Link: List of Participating Locations

I probably won't be going, due to the bad experience I had last time, but hey, you have fun.

Click HERE for more information.