September'05 News Archive

9/29/05 - Welcome to Our Newest Sponsor
A hardy welcome goes out to Movie Car Mania, the newest sponsor of Hollywood Die-Cast.  Please make them feel welcome by visiting their site often using the link at the top of the right column.  I get an e-mail newsletter on a regular basis.  Look for any TV or movie-related die-cast news from Movie Car Mania to be posted right here.  Let's start with Steve McQueen's Le Mans Porsche 917K in 1:18 scale from AutoArt, back in stock:

9/29/05 - Interesting, Possibly Even Exciting News!
I contacted AutoArt and asked them to confirm or deny a rumor regarding the possibility of the company releasing a 1:18 scale V8 Interceptor from Mad Max.  Here is their response:

Hi Joe,
Thank you for your inquiry.
We are intended to make the Interceptor in the movie Mad Max but it is too early to talk about release time and price.  In any case, we will announce this officially if we confirmed to make the car.  By the way, do visit regularly to see details on our new releases and current models.
Best regards,
Gateway Global Ltd

If I receive news of any developments, you can be sure I'll post the info right here!

9/28/05 - Collectors' Collections
I've update the Collectors' Collections section with some new submissions.  Wayne Chandley of the UK submitted pics of his impressive 1:18 collection and Oliver Kuy sent me a new pic (above right) to add to his gallery of Batman collectibles.

9/14/05 - Cool Custom!
Using a Johnny Lightning '73 Cadillac Eldorado, Metro Privratsky customized an obscure and unusual car from the Smokey & the Bandit films.  He writes:

Hey Joe,
After looking at the '73 Cadillac Eldorado I recently purchased, I noticed it looked incredibly similar to the car Big Enos, and Little Enos drove in the Smokey and the Bandit movies.  I thought it would be fun to do some customizing, so I took it upon myself to try. I'm not very good at this sort of thing but it was fun nevertheless.
My oldest brother Bruno, who collects farm toys, was nice enough to give me his 1/64 scale long horned steers for the project. I used the horns for the hood ornament, as well as for around the license plate.  I used some chrome pieces from an old model kit to make the car horns, and I made the MR. BIG license plate from at site on the Internet. Although, it's very hard to read, it's there.  I attached the pieces with a hot glue gun. It worked better than if I would've used glue because when ever I messed up, I could just peel the glue off, and start over.
I know it's not a very popular movie car, but I find it humorous, especially considering the characters that used it.  Enclosed are a couple of pics. Have a good day!!

Nice job Metro.  If anyone else has a cool custom they want to share, send me photos and details on how it was made.

9/9/05 - Talking Cars in September
Wow!  Where did the summer go?  It's September already and time for another edition of Talking Cars.  This month's topics include:  Tommy Boy, Corvette Summer, The Wraith, Knight Rider, The Man from UNCLE, The Transporter, Ghostbusters and I'll share with you an excerpt from an e-mail from legendary drag-racer and actor TV Tommy Ivo!  Click HERE and enjoy.