August 2009
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8/28/09 - Grease is the Word
My buddy Tim called me up on this boring Friday night to go on a toy hunt and BOY I'm glad he did.  At an out-of-the-way WalMart store I hit paydirt.  Not only did I find the 1:43 scale Grease diorama from Motor Max (above left) but I also found the 1:43 scale white Ford from Grease.  I didn't even know this one existed!  I normally don't collect 1:43 scale die-cast cars, but I couldn't pass these up.  What a great find.  Other cars that were on the shelf, but I passed on for now, was the 1949 Buick Roadmaster from Rain Man and a police car from The Usual Suspects.  These are all part of the Reel Rides line from Motor Max.  I hope they follow them up with 1:64 scale cars. 


Also, after not having much luck finding the latest chase cars from the Cars line, Tim pointed out an end cap that was full of the "blinky eyes" cars and sure enough, I was able to snag Dinoco McQueen with the Piston Cup (left.)  I'm still one behind as I've gotten reports that Chick Hicks with the Piston Cup is hitting stores now. 


And finally, WalMart has joined Toys R Us and Target on the list of stores offering Hasbro's 1:64 scale cars from the Transformers movies, however, WalMart's 2-packs are slightly different than what I've found at the other stores (right.)  I spotted this nifty 2-pack that includes Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.  The best part is the 2-packs are priced at under $4, where the 2-packs at the other stores are closer to $8.  I can't quite figure out why there's such a price discrepancy, but if you're looking for these cars, head on over to your local WalMart. 




8/28/09 - "Eject Sequence Initiated."
Somehow, during my searches for info from the recent San Diego Comic Con, I missed out on this exclusive from Mattel.  I only recently discovered the info and searched eBay for a sample.  It arrived in the mail today.  What we have here is a two-pack in a uniquely packaged diorama that includes the Batmobile and the Bat-Pod, recreating a scene from The Dark Knight.  This is an interesting addition to Mattel's line of 1:50 scale Bat-Vehicles.




8/22/09 - Phantom Racer
Surfing through the channel guide, I stumbled onto a little ditty on the newly-named SyFy Channel.  I caught the tail-end of Phantom Racer starring Greg Evigan and Nicole Eggert.  Evigan stars as a former racecar driver who lives with the guilt of causing the death of a fellow racecar driver.  In the spirit of Christine and The Car, our hero is tormented by the spirit of the #66 racecar (above.)  The concept is sound, unfortunately, the computer effects are pretty low-budget and cheesy.  Still, I've always liked Greg Evigan and it was fun to see him in a car chase movie.  I sure would like to see more of this type of stuff on SyFy.  Click HERE for a trailer and more info about Phantom Racer.




8/20/09 - All Revved Up!
I love that feeling I get when I find something new in stores.  Today I popped into a WalMart store around lunchtime and found a lone Rev 'N' Go from the Cars Lightyear Launchers line.  It was a little pricey at $10 plus tax, but this brings me one step closer to a complete set of Speedway of the South cars (33 of 36 have been released so far.)  I still haven't found Fiber Fuel in my area, and I'm missing Sidewall Shine and Faux Wheel Drive.  If anyone out there can help me add these to my collection, it would be greatly appreciated.  Send me an e-mail.




8/16/09 - Woodward Dream Cruise 2009
As promised, numerous cars from TV and movies gathered together for the 2009 Woodward Dream Cruise.  Sadly, since I had to work, I missed out on a lot of the fun.  But check out the piece that aired on Fox 2 News on Saturday morning.  The cars you see in the clip above were later joined by the General Lee, Herbie the Love Bug, Ecto-1 and Mad Max's V8 Interceptor later in the day. 


8/17 UPDATE:  KITT owner (we'll call him Michael Knight) sent me some pics of the incredible gathering of Star Cars on Woodward.  Mike said at one point, there were 12 different Hollywood cars together:





8/14/09 - Baby, Let's Cruise!
Although the Woodward Dream Cruise officially takes place on Saturday, Woodward has been bumper to bumper with classic cars all week long.  I decided to grab my camera and enjoy the show on a beautiful Friday night.  Pictured above are just a few of the cars that caught my eye, including Mel's Monkeemobile.  That's my nephew Grant posing with the car.  It was the first time he had seen the car in person.  I'm looking forward to more fun on Saturday. I hear there's going to be QUITE the gathering of TV and film cars, with a possible appearance of a locally-owned '66 Batmobile replica.




8/13/09 - Cars TOONS Found!
Patrick Malette reports finding the new line of Cars Toon characters at his local Toys R Us.  He also found the new Rev N Go Launcher.  Great score Patrick and I hope to find these in my area soon!  Thanks for the pics.



8/13/09 - Pristine Christine
Okay, this isn't an OFFICIALLY licensed version of Christine, but if you're looking to fill that void in your collection, this'll do nicely.  It's M2 Machines' 1958 Plymouth Belvedere.  I found it at Toys R Us today.  We'll put this in the UNOFFICIAL category.





8/13/09 - Heroes of Horsepower
It's just after midnight and I just got home from the 21st Annual Motorsports Hall of Fame of America induction ceremony.  This year's class included Al Unser, Jr., Kenny Bernstein, David Hobbs, "Humpy" Wheeler, Scott Parker, Les Richter and the late Joe Weatherly.  It was a fantastic night full of moving moments and a few laugh-out-loud moments.  It was great to shake hands with some legends of racing, including past inductees such as Bobby Allison and Ned Jarrett.  Check out the pic at left.  Al Unser, Al Unser, Jr. and Bobby Unser all signed my program.  How cool is that?  And, I added one more Auto-Graph to my collection.  Shirley Muldowney, whose accomplishments inspired the 1983 movie Heart Like a Wheel, was kind enough to sign this little item below:





8/11/09 - Auto-Graphs!
I just got home from a reception for this year's inductees into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.  The actual induction ceremony is on Wednesday.  Many legendary names from the world of motorsports were in attendance at the reception, so I took the opportunity to gather a few new additions to my Auto-Graphs collection.  Pictured above, from left is Al Unser, Jr., racing pin-up girl Linda Vaughn, "Humpy" Wheeler (who voiced Tex Dinoco in the Pixar movie Cars,) and finally, Buddy Martin, from the drag racing team of Sox & Martin. I'm hoping to gather a few more Auto-Graphs at the induction ceremony.  Click HERE to see my small-but-growing collection so far.




8/8/09 - Found:  The Governator
After finding No Stall Semi from the Cars Mega Size line at a Target store, I started hitting Target after Target looking for Hummer Sven.  On my third try, I finally stumbled onto a lone Hummer Sven (based on the Governor of California.)  No Stall Semi can easily be confused with Mack, so look closely.  Sven and No Stall Semi are shipping in the same case.




8/6/09 - My Collection - ON DISPLAY!
To coincide with the upcoming Woodward Dream Cruise (and many OTHER cruises and car shows taking place in the Metro Detroit area) the Orion Township Library has asked me to loan them a portion of my personal collection to be on display throughout the month of August.  On display are 21 1:18 scale cars and dozens of 1:64 scale cars.  I wish I had a beautiful showcase like this at home!  My gratitude goes out to the staff at the library.  Be sure to drop by if you live in the northern Metro Detroit area. 





8/2/09 - Transformers RPMs:  Wave 2
Following a tip, I discovered the second wave of Transformers RPMs at my local Target store.  I picked up Bumblebee, Ironhide, Long Haul and Sideways.  The Bumblebee in this release is the 2010 SS version from the SECOND Transformers movie (above, left.)  Apparently, the previous version is the Concept Camaro from the FIRST movie.  Got that?  There are now THREE versions of Bumblebee in stores, including the 1976 Camaro from the 2-Pack.  With the release of Ironhide, I can now recreate the publicity photo that was released to promote the first movie back in 2007: 



8/4 UPDATE:  As more Transformers RPMs show up at stores, I've noticed variations on some of the characters.  I'm not a variation collector, but if that's your thing, here are a couple to look for:



The first variation I noticed is the Autobots logo on Ratchet's door.  There's a large and small version of the logo.  Then on Monday I noticed a version of Bumblebee with the Autobots logo on his hood.  In the pic, above right, you'll see Bumblebee as a 2010 SS Camaro, Concept Camaro without logo and Concept Camaro WITH logo.  If you spot any more variations, let me know.