June'06 News Archive

6/30/06 - "It's a bird!  It's a plane!...."
It's a .... Mustang?  Follow the link below to read an excellent review of Matchbox's Superman Returns Metropolis Adventure Playset posted on the Matchbox Collectors Community Forum.  Is a Mustang featured in the film?  I don't know yet.  I'll let you know when I see the film on Saturday.

7/1 UPDATE:  I saw Superman Returns today and I really liked it.  A '65 Mustang GT was indeed featured prominently in the film.  Check out the image below, found at:

6/29/06 - "Craaazy Cooter comin' at ya!"
This arrived in my mailbox on Wednesday.  The long-awaited addition to my Dukes of Hazzard cars:  Cooter's Wrecker, made by Matchbox.  Yeah, the price was a little steep, but it looks great displayed alongside my other Dukes cars.  If you haven't done so already, click HERE to get yours today.  Below is a comparison to the truck that is on display at Cooter's Garage in Gatlinburg, TN.  The decals are identical.

6/25/06 - 2006 Checklist/Price Guide Updated!
The Hollywood Die-Cast Checklist/Price Guide has been updated for 2006.  The text-only guide includes a complete list of 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles from television and movies, up to and including Cars and Tokyo Drift.  Click HERE to go the page that contains the PayPal link.  The cost is only $5.  Upon completion of the payment process, you will be given a link where you can access the .PDF file.  Please support Hollywood Die-Cast and download the price guide TODAY!

6/24/06 - Say Hello to My Little Friends!
This info was posted in the forum quite awhile ago, but I neglected to mention it here in the news.  Jada Toys announced in May they will be releasing two 1:64 scale dioramas (pictured above) based on the movie Scarface.  Here's what was posted on the Jada website:

"Jada Toys is coming out with two 1:64 scale Scarface dioramas featuring the 1963 Cadillac Series 62 with Tony Montana figure, 2 palm trees, and a tiger. The other diorama will feature the 1968 Chevrolet Impala with Tony Montana figure."

6/23/06 - My Display
I've added a new hi-res pic of my collection in the My Collection section of this website.  You can click on the above thumbnail to see it.  I built the display case to hold well over 100 die-cast cars, but would you believe I'm running out of room?  I'm thinking of building an even BIGGER display.

6/22/06 - Dinoco McQueen!
This pic was posted at Hobby Talk in the Hot Wheels forum by rcb104.  It looks like another series of Cars characters are planned, including this blue version of Lightning McQueen.

6/23 UPDATE - It seems more new vehicles are hitting eBay:

6/20/06 - Cooter's Place Exclusive!
I've gotten several e-mails on this so I figured I better share it with you.  Apparently, Cooter's Place has commissioned an exclusive 1:64 scale GMC Wrecker from Matchbox.  It's a little pricey at $20 plus shipping, but it's a limited edition.  Keep in mind that some of RC2's Dukes of Hazzard die-cast cars have skyrocketed in value, like the 00 Mustang and Cooter's Camaro.  Click HERE to place your order before they're all gone.

6/10/06 - Cars Update
I've updated the Cars page to include these 2 6-packs, which includes a blue version of Mater.  I'm not sure if these are a general release or a store exclusive.  If anyone knows, send me an e-mail.

6/18 UPDATE - Visiting KayBee Toys yesterday, I discovered the blue version of Mater is also included in the Rollin' Bowlin' game.  At almost $20, I had to pass on it for now.  I hope I don't regret it.  I'd rather get him in the six-car set, which I believe may be a wholesale store exclusive.

6/10/06 - Review:  Cars
I saw Cars on Saturday and I have to say, Pixar has done it again.  The movie starts off with a racing sequence that made my jaw hang open.  It was spectacular.  The story slowed down just a little bit after that initial race, but I was too busy marveling at the animation, the best computer animation I've seen to date.  The story started to pull me in as Lightning McQueen began to learn some valuable lessons as he befriended the residents of Radiator Springs such as Mater, Sally and Doc Hudson.  The movie ended with a bang and after the credits faded, I walked away very impressed with the effort.  I loved all the characters, all the in-jokes, and all the little details, such as the VW "bugs" which you'll have to keep your eyes peeled to spot.  I highly recommend taking your little one as adults and children will enjoy this film on different levels.  I took my 9-year-old nephew and he said he really enjoyed it, too.

It was nice to finally become familiar with the characters I've seen in the toy stores for weeks.  Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) almost stole the show.  I wasn't sure if I was going to pick up more of Hot Wheels' die-cast line from Cars, but now having seen the film, there are a few more characters I'd like to add to my collection.  If you're searching to complete your Cars collection, be sure to visit sponsor Movie Car Mania by using the link in the top right column of this page.  Movie Car Mania is carrying the line, including Red, the shy fire truck, which I hadn't seen in stores yet.  As a matter of fact, the 1:55 scale die-cast cars have been fairly difficult to find at retail, period.


6/5/06 - Dukes Fest '06
Well, another Dukes Fest has come and gone and I'm happy to say I was there in Nashville to witness some of the festivities.  The highlight of the day for me was seeing John Schneider and Tom Wopat together again.  Click HERE for pics and more info.