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5/31/10 - Holy Optional Accessories, Batman!
I found Mattel's Custom Motors Starter Set featuring the Batmobile from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight while shopping at a Meijer store today.  It's slightly larger than Mattel's 1:50 scale line of Bat-Vehicles and seems to be made of plastic, but kids should have a great time adding more firepower to this awesome vehicle.  The back of the package (above, right) shows the many combinations kids can create.




5/30/10 - What?  No B.A.?
While waiting for the start of NASCAR's Coca-Cola 600 on Fox (after enjoying an exciting Indy 500) The A-Team Van made an appearance at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Riding inside the van were Bradley Cooper (Face), Sharlto Copley (Murdock) and Jessica Biel who plays Captain Charisa Sosa in the new The A-Team movie slated to hit theaters on June 11th. I sure hope we get die-cast versions of this iconic van!




5/30/10 - "You are a toy CAR!"
I've gotten several e-mails about these but wasn't sure what to make of them.  Mattel has created die-cast cars based on the characters from the beloved Toy Story franchise.  While at WalMart yesterday I found 5 Hot Wheels cars based on Woody, Buzz, Rex, Alien and a new character, Lots-O-Huggin' Bear.  The back of each card shows additional cars based on Hamm, Stretch the Octopus and Chunk. I normally don't collect these types of cars, but I sure do love the Toy Story movies and I'll be there on opening night (June 18) when Toy Story 3 hits theaters.  Hasbro did similar cars a few years ago (right) based on Buzz & Zurg.  Check out the Toy Story die-cast car gallery.

6/7 UPDATE:  I found two more cars.  Still missing Turbo Chunk.





5/28/10 - Cars 2010 Collector Guide
I found the Cars 2010 Collector Guide at Toys R Us today.  It includes an exclusive Dragon McQueen with metallic finish.  The guide includes over 150 images of current and upcoming Cars characters from Mattel.  Here are a few interesting ones:

* Fillmore with Organic Gas Can (Chase)
* Lightning McQueen with Cone (I believe it's currently hitting stores.)
* Mater with Oil Can (Chase)
* Paint Mask Lightning McQueen (Chase - front tires are covered with paper and tape.)
* Mater with Hood (Chase)
* Yeti with Snow Cones (Chase)
* Rust-eze Lightning McQueen (Chase - with can of Rust-eze)
* Wrecked Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Chase - no image)
* Marlon "Clutches" McKay (security)
* Tim Rimmer (photographer)
* "Dash" Boardman (photographer)
* Duff Wrecks (pickup truck)
* Dinoco Lightning McQueen with Celebrity Signature (Chase)
* Deluxe - Brian: Park Motors (souvenir vendor)
* Deluxe - Marco Axelbender (security)
* Deluxe - Mater with Cone Teeth (fangs)
* Deluxe - Leroy Traffik with Snow Tires (mattress on top)
* Deluxe - Miles (truck similar to Dustin Mellows)
* Deluxe - Chuck "Choke" Cables (no image)
* Hauler - Paul Valdez (no image)
* Hauler - Chet Boxkaar (no image)
* Hauler - Oliver Lightload (no image)
* Hauler - Ben Crankleshaft (no image)

There are many characters shown from the Toon line, too, including El Materdor & Chuy (the bulldozer.)  Time to start saving your pennies folks!




5/26/10 - 1:18 Scale Cars Coming Your Way!
I got some great news in the form of an e-mail from Jason Burnett.  Apparently, Johnny Lightning will be releasing two 1970 Chevelles from the last installment of the Fast & Furious franchise.  In June, Dom's red and gray Chevelles will be arriving in 1:18 scale for about $40. 

Other 1:18 scale cars to look forward to:  1:18 scale Bullitt Mustang from both Auto Art and and GreenLight.  Auto Art will also be releasing a dirty version of Mad Max's V8 Interceptor at the end of 2010.  And finally, Mattel will be releasing the long-awaited 1986 250 GT California Spyder from Ferris Bueller's Day Off in June. 




5/24/10 - Customize Your Batmobile!
Art from San Antonio sent me an e-mail with the above photo attached.  He said he found it while shopping at WalMart.  I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this one.  Thanks for the heads-up Art!




5/24/10 - No. 2 with a Bullitt!
Thanks to sponsor Movie Car Mania, I'm finally able to add this Bullitt diorama to my collection.  This diorama is actually labeled Series 2 and includes a dirty Mustang and a Charger missing its hubcaps.  It depicts the scene just before the Charger crashes into a gas station and explodes.  I sure hope GreenLight continues to give us new movie dioramas.




5/23/10 - "The guy's a friggin' genius - MacGruber! "
From the opening MacGruber theme song sung by a choir to the final shot of MacGruber (Will Forte) sitting in a tree playing a saxophone (after the credits) I laughed consistently hard during a Saturday matinee with my nephew.  In my opinion, MacGruber ranks right up there with The Blues Brothers and Wayne's World as one of the best movies to come from a Saturday Night Live skit and the funniest movie I've seen since The Hangover.  Yeah, many of the jokes were raunchy and in extremely poor taste, but MAN they were funny.  The movie was just the right mix of wacky spoof and loving homage to 80's action movies and TV series.  I even loved MacGruber's 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata and the ongoing joke that had MacGruber removing his car stereo every time he got out of the convertible.  Fellow SNL castmate Kristen Wiig had very funny moments of her own, including a scene where she elaborates on the phrase "Stick it where the sun don't shine."  If you're looking for laughs go see this movie, but leave the kids at home.



I also saw Iron Man 2 a week ago but didn't feel compelled to do a write-up on my site.  The movie was pretty much a meandering, boring mess and didn't possess any of the fun of the first movie until the last quarter of the movie.  Robert Downey, Jr. was charismatic as usual, but the I found myself losing interest in the story during much of the middle third of the film.  The fight scene between a drunken Iron Man and Don Cheadle's War Machine seemed oddly contrived and unnecessary.  Only when the two team up later in the movie to dispatch some drones does the fun quotient get kicked up a notch, but then the movie ends abruptly and unsatisfyingly.  Oh yeah, Scarlett Johansson was absolutely amazing as Black Widow and I hope we get to see her don the black leather in a spinoff movie of her own.  As for Tony Stark's 2010 Audi R8 Spyder (above) it didn't really contribute much to the story and just came across as blatant product placement. 




5/16/10 - 2010 Motor City Comic Con
I had a great time Saturday spending the day at the Motor City Comic Con. Beside all the comic books and collectibles there were a few amazing cars on display.  First, pictured above in the top row, is an amazing replica (or "clone") of The Green Hornet's Black Beauty.  The detail is quite incredible, right down to the brooms behind the rear tires.  The other car that got quite a bit of attention was a creation that turned out to be an amalgam of Ecto-1 and Ecto-1a.  Because its creator (I'll call him Michael Knight) used a later model Cadillac Ambulance (In the movie Ecto-1 was a '59 Caddy) he took some liberties with the design.  But Ghostbusters fans flocked to it for photo opportunities.  Other vehicles on display were General Lee, a replica of a vehicle from The Road Warrior, and Bumblebee from Transformers.

The highlight of my day, however, was working with Ms. Dawn Wells of Gilligan's Island fame.  I shot video for her at the Comic Con for a reality show concept she wants to pitch.  Ms. Wells was as sweet and kind as her character was on TV.  It was an absolute pleasure to meet her.  When I grabbed a bite to eat, I found myself sitting across from the Bionic Woman Lyndsay Wagner and had a nice chat with her, too.  And if you take a look below, just before I left for the day, I stopped by to say hi to Claudia Wells from Back to the Future.  Check out what I got:


Look Doc, she said she loves me!




5/13/10 - Chasing Cars
Making the toy rounds today I hit several stores, including Toys R Us where I found a few new Cars characters.  Pictured above, from left, is Lightning McQueen with Shovel, Dexter Hoover with Green Flag and a new chase car:  Fred with Fallen Bumper.  This was a complete surprise considering I still haven't found the previous chase vehicle:  Van with Stickers.  All have lenticular eyes. 



I haven't had much luck finding the last Final Lap wave at my local Target stores.  I found Wet McQueen a few weeks ago, followed by Vern.  Having no luck finding Mood Springs or Jay Limo, I ended up buying Race Damaged Mood Springs on eBay (above, right.)  Still looking for Jay Limo.

In other Cars news, the lineup for the next K-Mart Cars Collectors Event scheduled for June 12 has been officially announced and I have to say I'm incredibly disappointed.  Every single car is a re-release.  Nothing new unless you count Dale Jr. since the casting is based on the casting that was included in the Speedway of the South set.  The K-Mart case will include:  Dale Jr., Spare O Mint, Transberry Juice, Sputter Stop, Fiber Fuel, Gasprin, RPM, Vitoline, Lightning McQueen, Ron Hover, Race Official Tom and Sarge (Yawn.)  I'll probably still attend just to get some of the racers with rubber tires, but I'm so disappointed we aren't getting at least ONE of the racers that hasn't been released as a single yet. 





5/11/10 - Motor City Comic Con
The Motor City Comic Con is just days away and the guest list is pretty impressive.  My goal is to get Adam West to sign a Hot Wheels Batmobile, but I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other guests mentioned in the video clip above.  Unfortunately, I'm told Ernie Hudson was forced to back out due to his work schedule, but the locally-created Ecto-1 replica will still be on display for the public, as well as a couple of other TV and movie cars.  I hope to see you there!




Ecto 1 Maiden Voyage from JTurchetta on Vimeo.


5/7/10 - "Listen... Do you smell something?"
Fellow Hollywood car enthusiast and Facebook friend Josh Turchetta posted this awesome video on Facebook.  His stunning Ecto-1 replica rolls out for the first time and comes face to face with actual Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd.  What a fantastic experience that must've been.  Listen carefully as Dan drops some hints about the next installment of the Ghostbusters franchise.  Next week, I'm hoping to post images of a locally-produced Ecto-1 replica as it appears alongside another original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson here in the Metro Detroit area!