May '06 News Archive

5/30/06 - Motor City Comic Con '06
I attended the Motor City Comic Con a few weekends ago.  Many cast members from the Batman TV series were on hand to sign autographs, including Adam West and Burt Ward.  Sadly, I wasn't allowed to take photos without paying a fee.  I did, however, take photos of the awesome replicas of star cars that were on display:

This weekend I'm heading to Nashville, Tennessee for Dukes Fest '06.  John "Bo" Schneider and Tom "Luke" Wopat are scheduled to make an appearance.  I'm hoping to post photos of the event next week.  To those of you who are going, see y'all there. Yaaaaaahooooooooooooo!

5/27/06 - Shipping in August & September
I just picked up my copy of Previews for items shipping in August/September from Diamond Distributors.  There are some interesting die-cast (and slot car) products coming to a hobby store near you:

Speed Racer Series 1 Classic Action Figure & Vehicle.  Choose from either Speed Racer or Racer X.

Speed Racer Series 1 Die-Cast Vehicle & Action Figure.  Choose from Speed Racer with the Mach 5, Racer X with the Shooting Star, Speed Jr. with the Mach 10.

James Bond: Casino Royale 1/18 Scale Aston Martin DB-5

The Dukes of Hazzard X-Traction Slot Cars.  HO scale featuring the General Lee and a Hazzard County patrol car.

The Dukes of Hazzard X-Traction Track & Slot Car Set.  HO scale race track set includes 24 feet of track for a 36" x 36" layout.  Includes the General Lee and Hazzard County patrol car.

Open Stock 1:64 Die-Cast Vehicles.  An economic way to collect your favorite vehicles.  The cars come in 3" clear plastic boxes with no artwork.  This assortment will include The General Lee, Hazzard County Patrol Car and The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

5/14/06 - The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift
These pics were posted on showcasing RC2's upcoming Tokyo Drift line.  These cars are 1:55 scale to compete with Jada Toys' products.  Thanks to Metro for bringing them to my attention.

UPDATE 5/22/06:  I saw the Tokyo Drift line at Toys R Us today.  I passed on them.  I don't like the larger scale.  I wish RC2 would've stuck with 1:64.  Check out the TRAILER.  The movie opens on 6/16/06.

5/9/06 - Cars Hitting Stores!
A slew of product from Pixar's soon-to-be-hit-film Cars is hitting stores all over.  I found a few items at my local Toys R Us.  Lightning McQueen and Mater (above) are heavily packed.  I'm told Tin Lizzy is short-packed and fetching a few bucks on eBay already.  I was surprised, however, to see that the die-cast cars are closer to 1:43 scale than 1:64 scale.  A pleasant surprise was finding playsets for the  cars (pictured below).  The back of the packaging shows several different playsets which can be put together to form the town of Radiator Springs.  Very cool idea and a great way to display the cars.  Cars arrives in theaters on June 9.