05/04 News Archive

Racing Champions Ertl

5/26/04 - RC2 News
I sent an e-mail to my RC2 rep about a few questions I've been getting here at Hollywood Die-Cast.  She replied with the following responses:

Q:  What is the latest news on the 1:18 die-cast K.I.T.T.?
A:  1:18 K.I.T.T. should ship late 2004

Q:  Any info on a 1:18 Firebird Esprit from The Rockford Files?
A:  Do not expect to release anything on The Rockford Files at this time.

Q:  Any new 1:64 scale news?
A:  Nothing new in 1:64 yet.

I also asked about a 1:18 scale Custom Mercury from the film Cobra.  The brand manager at RC2 said he thought it was already released and there are no plans for a re-release.  I replied back and said that I've never seen one in stores and I've never seen one on eBay.  If anyone can confirm that they've seen or own a Cobra Mercury, please e-mail me.  Personally, I think the manager may be thinking of the Custom Mercury from The Junkman.

5/23/04 - The Last Ride
I saw an ad in Entertainment Weekly and didn't quite know what to make of it.  Now the trailer has appeared online.  Premiering on the USA Network on June 2nd, The Last Ride stars Dennis Hopper as a notorious bank robber sent away to prison after being set-up by a "buddy."  30 Years later he is released, and in search of revenge and his old getaway car:  a 1969 Pontiac GTO.  In a race against the clock, a stolen 350-horsepower 2004 GTO provides the action. 

On the surface, this appears to be nothing more than a lengthy commercial for the mundane-looking 2004 GTO (I mean, come on, it looks like my black 2004 Neon), but it might be worth a look.  Visit the website for more info:

5/19/04 - Cool Custom!
I received an e-mail from Christian Llamas showing off his custom Mad Max Interceptor.  He made it using a Hot Wheels '69 Pontiac GTO Judge.  Very nice work Christian.  It looks like a custom Mad Max Interceptor is our only option for now, until a die-cast company realizes this car needs to be produced.

5/17/04 - For You Helicopter Fans
Sorry there haven't been many updates lately.   TV and movie die-cast news has been reduced to a trickle of information lately.  I do have two new items though, and they're both helicopter related.  Charawheels has released a second version of its Airwolf helicopter, referred to as the "heavy weapons" version.  Also, though there isn't an official Blue Thunder release yet, I received an e-mail from Franz Loew of Seattle saying he owns a Racing Champions helicopter called a "SV-3" and bears a striking resemblance to Blue Thunder.  See how it compares to the Airwolf helicopter above.  Thanks for the tip Franz.  I've added photos to the Hollywood Die-Cast gallery.

I've also finally got around to adding Bruce Almighty to the Movie Cars gallery.

5/7/04 - Talking Cars in May
It's a new month, so that means it's time for another exciting edition of Talking Cars.  This month's column features topics including celebrity autographs, KITT (a popular topic of late), die-cast company contact info, The Rockford Files, The Gumball Rally, The Simpsons, and Megaforce.  Click HERE and enjoy.

5/2/04 - Next Batman 2-Pack from HW
The next Batman 2-Pack has been unveiled at This set features a nice-looking blue Batmobile with a pickup truck featuring Killer Croc artwork.  Hot Wheels sure has been getting their money's worth from that Batmobile casting, but I have to admit that I've picked up every one so far.  (Except the Zamac Batmobile which I keep trying to get on eBay.)  Visit the for more info.  If you're not a member, I recommend that you register.  It's free and you get access to great information.