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 Go Speed Racer Go Music Video

4/29/08 - Go Speed Racer, GO!
I spotted this music video online promoting the upcoming Speed Racer flick.  The song doesn't deviate too far from the original theme song, which I think is pretty catchy.  Warning:  The video reveals quite a bit, but it just may send you one way or the other if you're on the fence about seeing this movie.  Personally, I'm already planning on being there on opening night. 




4/27/08 - Recent Scores
I'm finally able to add Chuki to the Cars Gallery thanks to a friend from the Cars - The Toys forums.  Chuki arrived in the mail on Saturday.  I still haven't seen this one in my area, although I have seen Lightning Ramone, which is shipping in the same case.  I'm still looking for the Towcap & Gasprin Movie Moments 2-Pack.



Also, I recently spotted the latest wave of Hasbro's Titanium Star Wars vehicles.  The only one that interested me was this latest version of Luke Skywalker's Red Five X-Wing.  This version features opening and closing S-Foils, retractable landing gear and an opening canopy.  Other vehicles in this wave include Anakin's Podracer, Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Rogue Shadow and Boba Fett's Slave I.  Upcoming waves will include:  Naboo Royal Cruiser, T-16 Skyhopper, AT-ST, Baron Fel's TIE Interceptor, Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter and "Hot Rod" Jedi Starfighter.  Followed by:  Gongo Bongo Sub, Death Star, TIE Fighter, Obi-Wan's Jedi Interceptor with Hyperspace Ring and Sebulba's Pod Racer.  Visit for a complete list of Titanium vehicles. 




4/27/08 - The Quest for Toys
With the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull less than a month away (May 22), toys from all four movies will start hitting stores in May.  We got a sneak peek of some of Hasbro's Titanium vehicles back in February.  Doing a little Googling, I found a list of vehicles slated for Wave 2:


1x Rocket Sled
1x Jungle Cutter
2x Biplane
2x Cargo Truck
2x Persian Tank
1x Mutt Wilson on Motorcycle
2x Flying Wing
1x Indiana & Henry Jones on Motorcycle




4/25/08 - Craaaazy Cooter Comin' at Ya!
With permission, posted above are pics of Cooter's Tow Truck, scheduled to be included in Johnny Lightning's fifth wave of vehicles from The Dukes of Hazzard line.  Interestingly, JL decided to go with Cooter's first of several different tow trucks used throughout the TV series, the brown Chevrolet with wooden bumper (pictured above, right.)  Tom Zahorsky, JL's Senior Design Manager, said "I thought it would be cool to release the brown version first and then possibly tool a new casting for the other version."


Also slated for this release is Cooter's purple '72 Roadrunner from the season 2 episode Jude Emery.  Expect Release 5 to hit stores at the end of May.




4/19/08 - Take Cover:  Lightning Storm! has posted pics from New York Comic-Con '08 and among those posted is this sneak peek of the upcoming die-cast Lightning Storm McQueen.  Apparently, this will initially be offered to attendees of San Diego Comic-Con in July before reaching the general public.  The clear plastic display stand may be exclusive to the SDCC.  Visit for more pics and info. 



4/18/08 - Speed Racer 9-Pack
I first spotted this 9-pack on the Toys R Us website.  I thought it might be an online exclusive, but after I got out of work I swung by TRU on my way home and found this hanging on the pegs with all the other Speed Racer stuff.  This is a much better way of displaying these cars, as opposed to trying to get each one on an individual card.  It retails for $19.99.







4/17/08 - Dukes of Hazzard 5
Johnny Lightning has officially announced the lineup for the next wave of cars from their The Dukes of Hazzard line (or at least 5 of them.)

There’s another “hazzard”ous collection from the Dukes, led-off by a dirty General Lee with special “dirty” paint scheme, and whistlin’ Dixie with newly-tooled rims and tires. Cooter’s Tow Truck sports a newly-tooled boom for haulin’ the General back to the garage, to ready it for a new adventure. Rosco’s Patrol Car is decked out in camo just like it was in Season 3’s “The Great Hazzard Hijack” episode, and the Carnival of Thrills ‘76 Torino sports the familiar white paint job with tampo-printed “Carnival of Thrills” graphics.




4/16/08 - End of a Dry Spell?
There hasn't been a lot of news to report lately, but I was browsing on eBay and noticed a lot of auctions have sprung up for Chuki from Cars.  She is shipping in a case that also includes Lightning Ramone (the same Lightning Ramone found in three-packs.)  It's not much, but at least the dry spell is over.  This has been the worst Cars dry spell since the Sarge recall. 




4/6/08 - Collectors' Collections
The latest submission to the Collectors' Collections gallery comes from Eric P. Primeau of Quebec, Canada.  Eric has an impressive collection of loose and carded vehicles, including Hollywood on Wheels, James Bond, Batman, Thunderbirds and Star Wars.  I really got a kick out of seeing his vintage Kenner Star Wars die-cast vehicles.  I have a few of those myself.  If you'd like to submit photos of your collection for the gallery, send a few clear, well-lit photos to




4/5/08 - Reel Rides Update
Reed Rides has FINALLY updated their website to include images of four new cars.  Pictured above, from left, are the Delorean from Back to the Future, '81 Cadillac El Dorado from Casino, and the blue and red Mini Coopers from The Italian Job.  There have been reports of finding the El Dorado and the Minis in 1:87 scale in stores already.  Now keep your eyes peeled for all four cars in 1:64 scale.  I gotta tell you, that Delorean Time Machine looks pretty spectacular.  I'm looking forward to finding this one.  Visit the Reel Rides website for more info.




4/3/08 - A Pink RAOK
I've mentioned before on this site that I've been the recipient of "random acts of kindness" from fellow collectors in the past, and whenever possible, I've tried to pay it forward.  But I don't know if I can possibly come up with something in response to this.  Crossing an ocean to get to me, I got this very special car in the mail today:  a 1:64 scale replica of the Pink Panthermobile.  Huw Eastwood of the UK hand-crafted this beauty out of metal.  Huw had been keeping me posted on his progress over the past year as he tried to perfect his method of replicating this car we both share a fondness for.  He surprised me when he told me to expect one in the mail.  Upon receiving it today, I was surprised at how heavy it was, much heavier than your average 1:64 scale die-cast car.  It's a beautiful work of art and I'll proudly display it alongside the other famous cars in my collection.  I can't thank you enough, Huw.  Check out this CLIP on YouTube featuring the car in the opening of the Saturday morning Pink Panther cartoon.  It sure brings back fond memories.