April '06 News Archive


4/28/06 - Aliens Die-Cast!
I picked up the latest issue of Previews from Diamond Distributors for items shipping in June. It seems they are going to be the exclusive North American distributor of Aoshima's die-cast vehicles from Aliens!  Available will be a 12" Dropship that has a loading ramp to accomodate a 5" APC!  Very cool.  The APC will be available with your choice of an Alien Warrior or Marine figure.  Unlike Konami's plastic version, this APC is made of die-cast metal and plastic, has free-rolling wheels, a positionable tail gun, lights, and decals.  The best part is the APC will be available for ONLY  $34.99.  Unfortunately, the Dropship is a little pricier at $119.99.  I'm looking forward to adding the APC to my collection.


4/25/06 - Tarantino's Car Chase Flick?
Info has been posted on the Ain't It Cool News website regarding Quentin Tarantino's next project:  Death Proof.  Apparently, the main character, "Stuntman Mike" (Mickey Rourke) uses his car to chase down and kill people. Check out the cover of the script above.  I'm looking forward to seeing Tarantino's spin on a car chase movie.  For more information, visit:

4/6/06 - Cars Packaging Pics
I'm actually starting to get excited about this movie and it's die-cast line.  Longtime contributor Metro Privratsky e-mailed me packaging pics.  Thanks Metro!


4/6/06 - Bond, James Bond
Pictured above are 6 of 8 cars making up Johnny Lightning's James Bond series, in stores October of 2006.  Starting from top left we have:  Aston Martin DB5 from Thunderball, '64 Ford Falcon Ranchero from Goldfinger, '65 Ford Mustang Convertible from Thunderball, Aston Martin Vanquish from Die Another Day, Cadillac Hearse from Diamonds are Forever and Lincoln Continental from Goldfinger.  Two more models will be revealed at a later date.  SRP is $4.29.

1:18 scale cars expected to be released in 2006 include Die Another Day's Jaguar XKR Roadster (July), Aston Martin DB5 as featured in Casino Royale (August), Lotus Esprit Submarine and Vanquish V12 (September), and the eagerly anticipated Aston Martin DB-S from Casino Royale (November).