April '05 News Archive

4/27/05 - New Stuff to Look For!
I received my e-mail newsletter from Collectors Net USA and some interesting things were revealed.  Available for pre-order, but due this fall, is Mattel's 1:18 scale die-cast Batmobile from Batman Begins (above left).  $24.95 + $8 shiipping.

They also have in stock K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. from Hot Wheels' Charawheels line.  Charawheels offers some of the most detailed 1:64 entertainment-related cars I've ever seen.  $11.95

Also, RC2 will be releasing a 1:18 scale General Lee in "dirty" version this July.  Collectors Net USA is taking pre-orders now.  $29.95 + $8 shipping.

And finally, CNUSA has the second wave of Johnny Lightning's Star Trek line, featuring "battle damaged" ships, including a "cloaked" Klingon Battle Cruiser.  $23 for the set. 

Be sure to visit the CNUSA website for more info on these and other die-cast products.

4/23/05 - HW Batman Begins Batmobile Unveiled!
Thanks to a tip from Vito Lebowski, I found out that unveiled pics of some of the vehicles from their Batman Begins line.  They're kinda cool-looking, but I don't understand how they got the front end so wrong (top left). Compare it to the more accurate cold-cast porcelain replica (above right).  Interesting call.   Click on the following link for more pics:

4/22/05 - Shipping this Summer from Diamond!
I picked up the latest copy of Previews today to find out what's shipping this summer.  Among the great stuff shipping in July is RC2's 1:18 scale version of K.A.R.R. from Knight Rider.  You can also pre-order Corgi's Golden Age Boxed Set of two 1940's Batmobiles.  Included are  the "Bat-Roadster" and the classic Bat-Sedan.  The set includes figures as well.  The SRP is $21 for the set. 

Even though these aren't die-cast, I thought they were worth mentioning.  First, we have The Batman Batmobile Maquette.  Measuring 10 inches long, the maquette is advance-solicited.  The SRP is a whopping $89.99.  Diamond is also taking orders on the 14" Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and figures.  These look pretty spectacular.  According to the Previews Catalog, Chitty Chitty will be available in Standard Edtion for $34.99 and "Electroplated" Edition for $49.99.   I don't know about you, but this car and these figures are on my must-have list!

4/22/05 - Say Hello to my Little Friend!
My buddy Tim sent me a link to a site offering a new and unusual 1:18 scale car:  Jada Toys presents a 1963 Cadillac from the movie Scarface.  It even includes a figure of Al Pacino.  Click on the following link to read more:

4/10/05 - Collectors' Collections
Holy Deja Vu Batman!  I got another submission for the Collectors' Collections Gallery, and it's another impressive Batman collection.  David, from Eastern Canada writes:

Hey Joe,
I enjoy your site, very entertaining.  I just finished building a case for my Batmobile collection.
I started collecting about 2 years ago and picked up quite a few items.  I also collected a couple of pins and a helicopter, all associated with Batman.  I could not fit everything into the case I built, I just put in my favorite items.  Every once in a while I'll check your site to see what's new, and then go try and find it!
Keep up the good work, enjoy the site.

Great collection there David.  Thanks for sharing. 

4/9/05 - HW Batman VS Mr. Freeze
Although I've seen this offered on eBay for a month or two now, I finally found it in stores today.  Hot Wheels' Batman VS Mr. Freeze 2-Pack includes a flat black w/black wheels version of the #31/100 Batmobile and a Mr. Freeze "So Fine" Buick.  If you're looking for this 2-Pack, check your local Wal*Mart.  Now I need to find the Batman VS Scarecrow 2-Pack, which has also been popping up on eBay.

4/7/05 - Collectors' Collections
I received a new submission to the Collectors' Collections Gallery.  Oliver Kuy of Manila, Philippines, submitted pics of his Batmobile collection.  If you have a TV & movie car collection you'd like to show off, please e-mail me some photos and I'll post them here.  In the meantime, check out all past submissions by clicking HERE

4/3/05 - Talking Cars in April!
Spring is here!  Finally!  And the start of a new month means another exciting edition of Talking Cars!  This month's Q&A touches on topics that include:  Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), Sanford & Son, The A-Team, The Fast & The Furious, Vacation, and MORE!   Also, some controversy is stirred up regarding a "rare" version of James Bond's Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me.  Click HERE to get the scoop.