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3/31/08 - The need for SPEED!
I walked into Toys R Us on my lunch break today and was overwhelmed at the amount of Speed Racer product that was put out over the weekend.  My goal was to put together a set of the plastic Hot Wheels cars, but that plan was put on hold when I spotted something else.  Die-cast METAL Speed Racer cars from Hot Wheels (above.)  I didn't expect to find these so soon.  Unfortunately, I was only able to snag three of four.  Apparently, the Mach 5 sold out quickly, but the pleasant cashier told me to check back on Wednesday.  Hanging right next to the Hot Wheels cars were Jada's 1:55 scale cars (below.)

I stopped into Target afterwards.  They, too, had a ton of  Speed Racer stuff, but all of their single cars were in exclusive "Grand Prix" packaging.  They also had an exclusive 3-pack that includes Mach 6, GRX & Grey Ghost.  I passed on those, but couldn't resist the Target-exclusive CHROME three pack that includes Mach 4, 5 & 6.  Check it out (right.)  It's really an eye-catcher.


Coincidentally, when I arrived home with all my Speed Racer loot, my copy of Entertainment Weekly was waiting for me in the mailbox with who else?...Emile Hirsch as Speed Racer on the cover, looking a little bit like Jeff Bridges from Tron.  The article was an interesting read.  Check out the online version by clicking HERE.


3/29/08 - Speed Racer News
Speed Racer single cars will hit Toys R Us on Sunday.  For whatever reason, they had to wait until the 30th to hang them on the pegs.  I'll eventually put a set together.  Most collectors have expressed disappointment that these cars have plastic bodies.  But I recently read some good news in the Hot Wheels Collector Forum:

"There will be a 1:64th collector version of a few of the key cars (die-cast body and chassis) and 2 piece rubber tires in an acrylic case for one particular retailer."

This is great news.  I'll post any additional info when I come across it.  Speed Racer arrives in theaters on May 9.

3/27/08 - General Lee Rare Variant
I was tipped off by my buddy Dennis that a rare variant exists of the new Authentics version of the General Lee.  Limited to 750 pieces, this version is black, but with the familiar decals.  There are currently several auctions on eBay if you're interested in this piece. 

3/20/08 - Speed Racer:  The Movie
While running from store to store looking for new stuff today, I finally came across new product from the upcoming Speed Racer movie.  I heard these new Hot Wheels were hitting stores, but I was only able to find the cars above at Wal*Mart.  Starting from above left, I found the Launching Big Rig with Mach 5.  Then I stumbled across the 4-pack that includes the Mach 4, 5 & 6 as well as Racer X's Shooting Star.  And finally, I found two different 2-packs, each containing an exclusive car. 

I didn't see any of the single-carded cars.  I did, however, get an e-mail from sponsor Movie Car Mania saying he has received cases of the cars pictured below.  Visit Movie Car Mania by clicking on the link in the right column if you're interested.  All cars pictured here have been added to a new Speed Racer Movie gallery. 

3/18/08 - YeeeeHaawwww!
Thanks to my sponsor Pro-Models, I now have in my hands RC2's new American Muscle Authentics version of the General Lee.  Boasting 200 parts, I had to do a side-by-side comparison of the Authentics version to the earlier American Muscle version.  At first glance, the cars appear to be very similar.  But when you put them side-by-side, the first thing you notice is the richer, deeper orange paint job on the Authentics version.  Then you notice the text on the roof of the car is blue, as opposed to the black font on the older model.  Popping the hood, there are noticeable differences in the details of the engine.  I tried to compare the trunk interior on both cars, but the older version's trunk didn't even open.  And finally, you really see the attention to detail when you peek at the interior of the car.  The older version doesn't have a back seat!  The Authentics version has a fully-detailed interior, complete with seatbelts.  And finally, I discovered the headlights rotate to be either exposed or concealed.  In summary, the new Authentics version is the ultimate version of arguably one of the most famous cars of all time.  The price is fairly reasonable to have a car of this amount of detail.  I'm sure this car will sell out quickly. 

3/15/08 - Missing Links
I've finally gotten around to doing something I've been meaning to do for a while now.  Over the years, there have been several websites I've used for reference when digging up info for this site.  Well, I've created a Links Page for your benefit.  You'll find useful forums, galleries of photos, legendary car customizers, and sites dedicated to cars like The Monkeemobile, Mad Max's Interceptor and The Batmobile.  Check out the LINKS PAGE and if you feel there are other non-commercial links that need to be added, send me an E-MAIL or post them in the forum.

3/13/08 - Order Your Display Case TODAY!
Around the holidays, you may remember a display case I received that I use to display my Mattel Cars collection.  Well, now you too can own one!  The manufacturer is ready to make them available to the public.  These things are hand-made and look great.  The glass front slides up to allow you to place and rearrange cars.  No hinges!  It's a nice clean look.  Just click on the thumbnail above to see for yourself.  If you're interested, send an e-mail to:

3/12/08 - 1:18 Scale Die-Cast KITT
For those of you who are fans of the new incarnation of Knight Rider, you'll soon be able to add a 1:18 scale KITT to your die-cast car collection.  Phil Toronto directed me to one site that's taking pre-orders on KITT, made by Shelby Collectibles.  There are no images of the actual product yet, but click HERE for more info.

3/11/08 - Checklist/Price Guide UPDATED!
It's a little overdue, but the Hollywood Die-Cast Checklist/Price Guide has been updated for 2008.  It took several nights to make all the necessary updates, including an alphabetical listing of all of Mattel's Cars releases to-date! (Thanks to the Cars the Toys forum for reference.)  At 35 pages, this is the most thorough checklist of 1:64 scale die-cast from TV and movies you will ever see ANYWHERE.  Please help support this website and download the 2008 Checklist/Price Guide in PDF format!  It costs only $5 and you'll need a PayPal account.  Click on the image above and enjoy!  (If you have any trouble downloading the document, please contact me.)

3/8/08 - North American Free Trade Agreement
I pulled off another successful trade, this time with a neighbor to the north, Canada.  Check out the pics above of the elusive Cars Movie Moments Flik & PT Flea.  I was beginning to think I'd never get this one.  In exchange, I sent him Mack from the Disney Store.  I also recently received Dudley Spare (right) through a trade in the Cars the Toys forum.  Now I'm all caught up, except for the newest releases, like Tow Cap & Gasprin Movie Moments. 

3/4/08 - Drive-In Open for Business!
If you're bored at work, this will help pass the time.  Brandon, of the Cars the Toys forum, has unveiled the most thorough reference of toys and characters from the Pixar movie Cars.  Every character, every variation, every card released by Mattel to-date can be found on this site.  Click on the image above and enjoy!

3/2/08 - 1:18 Poll
With Mattel's release of the 1966 Batmobile in 1:18 scale, as well as Auto Art's Mad Max's Interceptor, it seems all is right in the universe.  BUT, there are still several TV and movie cars that have yet to receive the 1:18 scale die-cast treatment.  I created a poll and invite you to vote for any of the following, or e-mail me with your write-in vote. Maybe a die-cast manufacturer will stand up and take notice.

Which of the following cars would you like to see done in 1:18 scale die-cast?
A-Team Van
Green Hornet's Black Beauty
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Greased Lightning (white)
Star Wars Landspeeder
Magnum PI Ferrari
Fall Guy Pick Up Truck
Homer Simpson's Family Car
Batman Forever Batmobile
Cars Lightning McQueen


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