February '06 News Archive

2/26/06 - Resistance is Futile
Check THIS out.  The "White Lightning" version of the Borg Cube from JL's Star Trek line (which is actually green) recently sold for $105.50 on eBay.  Set phasers for STUNNED.

2/20/06 - The Next Bond Car?
Thanks to a tip from my buddy Denver, I discovered that the car for the next Bond flick, Casino Royale, will be an Aston Martin DBS (see sketch above).  The vintage Aston Martin DB5 will make an appearance as well.  Joy Ride has already announced plans to produce the DBS in 1:18 scale. 

Personally, I have a bad feeling about this next Bond flick.  I thought Pierce Brosnan was so perfect in the role of James Bond.  Daniel Craig (right) just doesn't do it for me.  Probably because I can't get him out of my head as the creepy villain in Road to Perdition.  I felt the same way about Timothy Dalton.  I always felt Dalton played a better villain than a good guy, like he did in The Rocketeer.

UPDATE:  Leijo Van Aubel of the Netherlands sent me a link to a site that has an actual photo of the Aston Martin DBS.  Thanks Leijo!  Click on the photo for the link.

2/16/06 - Found:  Star Trek Series 3
I found the third series of Star Trek ships from Johnny Lightning at a hobby store last night.  At $4.99 apiece, I paid a little more than I should've had I waited to find them at a major retail chain, but I like to support the little mom and pop stores when I can.  I only picked up the three that you see above.  I actually prefer Star Trek:  The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager over the original series, but hey, that's just me.

I opened them up and discovered some cool features.  On the Enterprise, the saucer section separates from the rest of the ship.  The Borg Cube comes with little pegs so that you can buy more Cubes and connect them.  And Voyager's nacelles raise and lower.  These features help make up for the fact that the ships are made of plastic.

2/13/06 - Toy Fair News
I've been trying to keep my eyes peeled for any die-cast news out of Toy Fair '06 in New York.  Here's what I've found so far:

The above pic was posted on the Hobby Talk Bulletin Board.  According to "Ricky2400" Mattel has unveiled a line of 1:64 die-cast cars from the upcoming Pixar film Cars.  If the movie is half as entertaining as the trailer, these should be pretty hot.

Also, click on the following link to see a sneak peek of upcoming releases from Hasbro's Star Wars Titanium line.  Apparently, Hasbro has picked up the Battlestar Galactica license as well (from the current TV series).

Hasbro is also handing out an exclusive gold version of Darth Vader's TIE Fighter at Toy Fair.  One recently sold for over $100 on eBay.

2/9/06 - The Ultimate Collectible
It's a dream of mine to someday own a 1:1 replica of a famous TV or movie car.  How cool would it be to pick up my nephew from school in the Batmobile or General Lee?  There are many of you out there who apparently feel the same way.  Check out this e-mail I recently received:

I just stumbled across your site and had to drop you a note to let you know that I really enjoyed it. I always have, am still currently and will always be a HUGE Hollywood car fan and like yourself, I have an extensive collection of Hollywood die-cast, as well as my personal favorite full size version... Eleanor.
My wife and I went to see the film back in 2000, at which point I was on a mission to re-create Eleanor. I contacted Cinema Vehicle Services (I'm sure you are familiar) and bought the first publicly available Eleanor Kit. The rest is history. My car was featured on the cover of Mustang Monthly back in 2003 and continues to be the sparkle in my eye. (don't tell my wife)
I hope you enjoy the attached photos of my girl, and if you have some time to chat, feel free to drop me an e-mail.
Glenn Gatley

You know how to make a guy jealous, Glenn.  What a beautiful, beautiful car.  For now, I'll have to settle for my little Hot Wheels replica.  Oh, and be sure to send me pics of your die-cast car collection.  I'd love to see it, too.

2/8/06 - And the Winners are....
The 3rd Anniversary Contest has come to an end and a drawing was held tonight from the correct entries.  The winners are:

Metro Privratsky of North Dakota wins the 1:18 scale Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger

Casey Johnson of Pennsylvania wins the HW Batman Begins 2-Pack. 

Your prizes will go in the mail this week.  Thanks to everyone who entered.

2/1/06 - Happy Anniversary to Me!
Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Hollywood Die-Cast.  Time flies when you're having fun.  Thanks to all the visitors, contributors and sponsors who made this a fun and memorable experience during the past three years, especially my buddy Dennis, who helped make this website possible.  I'd like to celebrate the occasion by holding a contest.  It's kind of a website scavenger hunt.  If you can find the answers to these 10 questions, somewhere within this website, send them to me in an e-mail with your mailing address.  If more than one correct entry arrives, a drawing will be held from all correct entries on Wednesday, February 8 and the winner will receive a 1:18 scale replica of my all-time favorite movie car:

Joy Ride's Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger

Here are the questions:

1)      Following the announcement that Hollywood Die-Cast was up and running, which movie is mentioned in the very first News post?

2)      Which car tops the Hollywood Die-Cast list of the Spookiest Die-Cast Cars ever made?

3)      On what date did Q&A become known as “Talking Cars”?

4)      On what date was the Hollywood Die-Cast Forum announced (with thanks to TonyMoe)?

5)      What car was featured in my April Fool’s joke in 2004?

6)      Which car won the Hollywood Die-Cast Wish List poll in 2004 ?

7)   Which car won the Hollywood Die-Cast Favorite TV Car poll in 2004 in a stunning come-from-behind victory?

8)    Which car was named TV’s Greatest Car in the UK (featured on a program I appeared on in 2005)?

9)   When I visited Hollywood in 2005, which actress did I witness receive her star on the Walk of Fame?

10)  What souvenir did I bring home from my trip to Graceland in 2005?

UPDATE:  I've received an item in the mail that allows me to offer a SECOND prize:

The contest has ended.