January '05 News Archive

1/30/05 - New Finds
Well, today I drove 30 minutes to the nearest hobby store that sells die-cast hoping to find Joy Ride's 1:18 scale K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, only to be told the store was sold out of them.  So I was disappointed that I still haven't seen K.I.T.T. in stores in my area.  On the plus side, I didn't leave the store empty handed.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Joy Ride's 1:18 scale version of James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 from the film Goldfinger.  Joy Ride really outdid themselves this time.  This car rivals the one released by Auto Art a few years ago (which now sells for hundreds of dollars on eBay).  Joy Ride's version features many of the gadgets seen in the film, including rotating license plates, removable roof panel, rear bullet-proof shield, hidden weapons and more.  It's a beautiful piece of work.  Get yours now because I'm sure these will sell out quickly.

1/29/05 - Star Trek & Star Wars News
Johnny Lightning's next wave of Star Trek ships will be "battle-damaged" versions of their previous release.  I particularly like the "cloaked" Klingon Battle Cruiser.  You can expect to see these hitting store shelves in April. 

In Star Wars news, following the release of the Wal*Mart exclusive Titanium series of die-cast vehicles (above thumbnail), Target will be selling an exclusive of their own.  Star Wars Micro Vehicles will be released in pairs and include two micro figures as well.  Click on the following link for all the info:

1/26/05 - HOW6 Packaging Pics Revealed
Packaging pics for Hollywood on Wheels 6 have been showing up online.  Four were shown on the Hobby Talk Bulletin Board.  Click on the thumbnails above to view.  HOW6 should be appearing in stores any day now.

1/19/05 - Collectors' Collections
I've finally gotten around to adding two new submissions to the Collectors' Collections section of my website.  My apologies for the delay.  Eric L. of San Mateo, CA writes:

Seasons Greetings Joe ! 
I actually corresponded with you some time ago, but due to my work schedule I haven't got the chance until now to have you see some of my collection ( I still have a ton in storage boxes ).  
Now that the holidays are here and I have some time off, I got a chance to put up some of my collection with the help of my kids, and thought I'd send you some pics prominently displaying the vehicles your site has motivated me to collect and of course expand on.  As I mentioned before I am very impressed with your site as it is one of the very few designed only for the love of collecting die cast vehicles, and not for the "passion" of making a profit on these little treasures. 
Thanks again for having your site and wishing you and your family a great holiday season and new years !
Eric L.
San Mateo, CA

Jonny Bens submitted photos of his modest but growing 1:18 scale collection.  He writes:

Hello Joe
Sorry for the late response for my collection photos. I've had some difficulties with my computer, a complete crashdown. The result was a new computer that I had to buy. The result is a pc capable for picture and film featuring.
This mostly for my other website  With this mail are some pictures of my collection, I've also started a website to bring out a part of my big collection model cars (mostly 1/18) and planes. I'm also working on a Movie car album.  Thank you very much!

Jonny Bens

Check out all the Collectors' Collections by clicking on the link in the right column.  If you have a collection you'd like to photograph and share with fellow collectors, please e-mail the pics to me at 

1/9/05 - Latest Acquisitions
I received a few new items for my collection.  First, my sister was able to get a few sets of Avon's Batman/Superman Park N Plates (click on thumbnails above).  I was really excited to get these in my hands.  If anything, I'm excited to complete my collection of Hot Wheels Batmobiles with the addition of the exclusive black w/red flames HardNoze Batmobile.  One problem though.  I was under the impression the entire set of four sold for around 12 bucks.  Turns out each PAIR of cars costs 12 bucks!  So it will cost you about $25 for the entire set of four.  That's a little steep for Hot Wheels, which normally retail for a BUCK apiece.  If you're interested in getting a set for yourself, my sister's rep has several more sets in hand.  You can contact her at  Be sure to mention my website.

In other news, I purchased this 1:64 scale Tucker on eBay and it arrived in the mail.  I've added it to my collection because a brown Tucker was prominently featured in the 1988 film Tucker:  The Man and His Dream.  It was released by Johnny Lightning as part of its Classic Gold line.  I resorted to eBay because I could NOT find this car at retail locally.  Luckily, I only paid $2 plus shipping.

1/5/05 - Talking Cars in 2005!
I'm sorry I haven't had a new edition of Talking Cars in a couple of months.  I had trouble retrieving e-mails from my host, and then I lost all the e-mail I had been saving.  But now the e-mails are pouring back in and I have enough to give you a new edition of Talking Cars just in time for the new year.  Click HERE and enjoy, and PLEASE, keep those e-mails coming.

1/5/05 - Holy Charawheels, Batman!
Kuan Chee Hai posted the above photo on the Hollywood Die-Cast Forum.  Apparently, Hot Wheels' Japanese counterpart Ban Dai has released not ONE, but FOUR different sets of Batman vehicles as part of its Charawheels line.  Starting top left, we have vehicles from the '89 film Batman, followed by Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.  You'll end up paying around $25 per set, plus shipping, if you want to get these.   Looking at them, I'd have to say it's worth it.